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Spy Swap

  1. spy swap
    Russian Spies’ Homes Might Go Up for AuctionAlong with all the crap they left here.
  2. spies like us
    U.S. Officials Knew About the Russian Spies for Ten YearsThis keeps getting weirder.
  3. so joetorious
    Biden: Keep the Sexy Spy, Trade Rush LimbaughHe’s joking! Guys, c’mon.
  4. spies like us
    Our Long, Sexy Spy Nightmare Is OverThe spy swap was completed at a Vienna airport today.
  5. spies like us
    America Seems to Be Getting the Better of This Spy SwapThe spies we’re getting may not be as sexy, but they were pretty good at passing along secret information.
  6. spies like us
    Russian Spies Too Useless, Sexy to ProsecuteWill America grant amnesty to Illegals?