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  1. technology
    Some American Airlines Seats Have Built-in CamerasThe airline says they’ve never been used, so everything is fine.
  2. Russian Spy Suspect Was Infiltrating Christian Right As Well As Gun GroupsThe story of alleged Russian agent Maria Butina and her live-in boyfriend Paul Erickson is quite the spy novel.
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    The Case for Buying a Doggy Spy Cam (If You Really Need One)The Amazon Cloud Cam is not strictly geared toward dog-based spying. It is just one of the many cute new options in home surveillance.
  4. White House Angers Britain by Claiming Obama Used U.K. Spies to Wiretap TrumpSean Spicer suggested Obama used GCHQ to spy on Donald Trump last fall. Britain told the White House to never make that “ridiculous” claim again.
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    It’s Time to Assume Your TV Is BuggedIf a device can connect to the internet, it will be compromised.
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    No, the CIA Hasn’t Compromised Signal and WhatsAppSignal’s end-to-end encryption is still safe from the CIA’s prying eyes.
  7. Donald Trump Now Has an Anti-Protester Intelligence SquadWhat could go wrong?
  8. Looks Like the NSA Gets to Spy on Americans for a Little Bit LongerA court has allowed the NSA to collect metadata during a six-month grace period until the USA Freedom Act goes into full effect.
  9. spying
    The NSA Listened to the Phone Calls of the Last 3 French PresidentsSarko’s were probably the most interesting.
  10. nypd
    The NYPD Pressures Jailed Muslims to Become Police InformantsMeet the Citywide Debriefing Team.
  11. he said he said
    Snowden Says He Reported Concerns to More Than 10 NSA Officials FirstTo “more than 10 distinct officials,” no less.
  12. spy games
    The CIA Collects Data in Bulk, Just Like the NSAJust sensitive financial information, not phone calls.
  13. higher education
    Chen Guangcheng-NYU Dispute Gets Chinese Spy Twist“Like a 007 thing.”
  14. Government Defends Phone & Internet SurveillanceSupposedly the programs are “important and entirely legal.”
  15. international affairs
    Analog Chinese Spying Is Not Dead, U.S. Prosecutors AllegeTwo cases suggest spies are doing it the old-fashioned way.
  16. pakistan
    Pakistan to U.S.: Reduce Your CIA PresenceThey want a 25 to 40 percent reduction in CIA staff.
  17. ink-stained wretches
    News of the World Owes ‘Unreserved Apology’ for All That Voice-Mail HackingThe tabloid cops to spying on celebs.
  18. international intrigue
    Iran Accuses American Woman of Spying With Her TeethBut how much of this is true?