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  1. A Slashing, a Stabbing, and a Man on Fire in Astoria Crime SpreeTwo officers are in the hospital after being splashed with an unknown chemical. 
  2. Amid a Rash of Subway Slashings, an Act of Grandma Solidarity Leads to an ArrestHis girlfriend’s grandmother turned him in.
  3. Rikers Island Cannot Figure Out How to Stop Rising Inmate ViolenceKnife attacks up almost 50 percent.
  4. Accused Murderer Sues MTA for Unsafe ConditionsHis guilty conscience didn’t cause him to jump in front of a train — he slipped.
  5. the news in 9 headlines
    Group Sex Led to a Yale Stabbing, SuicideThe two students were prominent campus conservatives, both members of Yale’s Party of the Right.
  6. very sad and scary things
    12-Year-Old Slender Man Stabbing Suspect Ruled Incompetent to Stand Trial She believes she’s capable of doing a Vulcan “mind meld.”
  7. oh queens
    Man With Knife in His Back Has a ‘Cool Demeanor’The folk hero speaks.
  8. stabbings
    Man Walks Into Queens McDonald’s With a Knife in His BackLiterally.
  9. neighborhood news
    Street Vendor Stabbed by Man Whom Entire Neighborhood Was Already Afraid Of He used scissors.
  10. very sad things
    14-Year-Old Stabbed Classmate After BullyingNoel Estevez was charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter on Thursday.
  11. horrible things
    Alleged NYC Serial Stabber Is Indicted As 7-Year-Old Victim Goes HomeShe was released from the hospital weeks earlier than expected.
  12. crimes and misdemeanors
    Girl Hurt in Slender-Man Stabbing Released From HospitalThe still-unnamed 12-year-old girl was attacked by two of her friends last week.
  13. very scary things
    Serial NYC Stabber Daniel St. Hubert Blames the DevilHis sister blames the system.
  14. crimes and misdemeanors
    Suspect Arrested in Fatal Stabbing of 6-Year-Old Brooklyn BoyMinutes after police released his name.
  15. very sad and scary things
    Police Still Searching for Man Who Fatally Stabbed 6-Year-Old in Elevator The suspect might also be responsible for the murder of an 18-year-old in the area.
  16. horrible things
    Two Children Stabbed, One Fatally, in Brooklyn ElevatorPolice are still hunting for the suspect.
  17. crimes and misdemeanors
    First Week of Summer Begins With 2 StabbingsThree people were hurt.
  18. crimes and misdemeanors
    Connecticut Teenager Who Stabbed Classmate Will Likely Be Charged As an Adult 16-year-old Maren Sanchez was killed at school on Friday.
  19. horrible things
    School Stabbing Suspect May Have Made Threatening Calls to ClassmatesTwo students were contacted on the night before the attack.
  20. sad scary things
    Teen Charged in Mass Stabbing at PA High SchoolHis lawyer says he “was not a troubled young man until this point.”
  21. crimes and misdemeanors
    Mother and Four Children Stabbed to Death in BrooklynTheir 25-year-old relative is in custody.
  22. scary things
    Emotionally Disturbed Man Stabs 5 With Scissors on Upper West SideA 2-year-old was slashed.
  23. scary things
    Sunset Park Man Fatally Stabbed by Neighborhood ‘Kook’The suspect is still at large.
  24. crimes and misdemeanors
    Man Starts Chatting With State Trooper, Stabs Him in the NeckThe suspect is still at large.
  25. missing persons
    Missing Staten Island Woman Found Dead in IstanbulShe was reportedly stabbed.
  26. crimes and misdemeanors
    Man Stabbed Outside Queens Mosque in Possible Hate CrimeThe attacker screamed anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim slurs.
  27. crimes and misdemeanors
    Cops Hunt for Union Square Slashing Suspect in Mexico, Return Empty-handedAuthorities in Mexico will continue the investigation.
  28. crimes and misdemeanors
    Union Square Slashing Suspect Apologizes to His FamilyHe’s fled to Mexico but left a contrite note.
  29. Police ID Suspect in Soccer Coach’s Stabbing, But He’s Already Fled to MexicoThe latest turn in the search for a killer is frustrating.
  30. crimes and misdemeanors
    Red Bulls Youth Coach Dies in Disturbing Union Square SlashingThe victim had his throat slashed and lost an ear.
  31. crime and punishment
    19-Year-Old Fatally Stabbed During After-School Fight in Hell’s KitchenA fight between two girls led to a brawl outside the school.
  32. scary things
    Three People Slashed With Box Cutter During Subway Rush Hour in QueensA 22-year-old woman is in police custody.
  33. stabbings
    A Knife-Wielding Former Band Member Canceled the Cro-Mags’ Webster Hall Show Harley Flanagan brought some real punk rock energy to the CBGB Festival. 
  34. in other news
    Being Helpful in New York Can Be the Death of YouOne man is beaten and another is stabbed to death while attempting to rescue others.
  35. the morning line
    Forget It, Jake • Chinatown business owners are beefing with Hollywood crews that have flooded the neighborhood, with 25 film permits issued over the last twelve months. City Hall says it’s the neighborhood’s fault for being so damn photogenic. [amNY] • In one of the strangest street attacks in recent memory, a pedestrian was stabbed by a passing bicyclist last night on West End and 63rd. The assault appears completely random. Perhaps citywide bike lanes are a good idea after all. [NYDN] • Local news predicts an unrelieved Manhattan Bridge traffic nightmare for the next year while the lower level is closed for a spruce-up. Daily Intel’s AccuChopper 20,000 predicts the same nightmare for the twenty years following the Atlantic Yards groundbreaking. [WNBC] • Mets tie series, prompt the following tortured sports-pun headline of the day: NOW BATS MORE LIKE IT. [NYP, natch] • Finally, some club called Country Bluegrass Blues and Other Music for Uplifting Gormandizers went out of business — with a name like that, what could be the problem? — hopefully stemming the steady flow of elegiac human-interest features. [VV, NYT]