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Stand Clear Of The Closing Doors

  1. The Overlooked Reason New York’s Subway Trains Are So Painfully SlowA new report suggests that it is no accident.
  2. MTA Announces Plan to Phase Out MetroCardStarting in late 2019, riders will be able to use phones and credit cards to pay for fares.
  3. Latest Subway Disaster Courtesy of Improperly Secured TrashAn operator failed to secure a refuse train, “causing garbage to fall on the tracks and impact following southbound service,” the MTA said.
  4. scary things
    Man Wandering Around on the Subway Tracks Wreaks Havoc With Morning CommuteIt made for a bizarre scene, captured on video by one subway passenger.
  5. One Way the MTA Could Speed Up Subway RepairsMTA Chairman Joe Lhota said Sunday that the transit agency will shut down more lines overnight.
  6. bill de blasio’s new york
    Mayor de Blasio Reportedly Responsible for One Subway Delay This WeekThe R train may have been held in the station after a press conference.
  7. Here’s the MTA’s Plan to Fix the SubwaysMTA chairman Joe Lhota presented some near-term steps including signal overhauls and getting rid of vague announcements.
  8. The New York City Subway Just Had Its Second Derailment in a MonthA car on a southbound Q train jumped the rails near Brighton Beach in Brooklyn.
  9. Governor Cuomo Decides He Actually Doesn’t Run the MTAAnd MTA chair Joe Lhota appears to be toeing the boss’s (untrue) line.
  10. commutes from hell
    Track Fire Is the Latest Subway DisasterHappy Monday, riders on the A, B, C, and D lines!
  11. The ‘Summer of Hell’ Officially On As Penn Station Repairs BeginLots of crowds and some new routes for regional commuters — but things have been worse.
  12. Service Suspended After NJ Transit Train Derails at Penn StationThere were no injuries, but the “minor” derailment caused more even delays at the troubled station.
  13. stand clear of the closing doors
    Governor Andrew Cuomo Will Declare the MTA in a State of EmergencyHe’s signing an executive order to speed up procurement and adding $1 billion to the capital plan.
  14. stand clear of the closing doors
    What Is Wrong With the MTA — and How Could It Get Fixed?A transit expert provides some real talk.
  15. MTA Says ‘Improperly Secured’ Rail Cause of A-Train DerailmentThe A, B, C, and D lines have resumed, but if you guessed that’s with extensive delays, that would be correct.
  16. commutes from hell
    A Train Derails Near 125th StreetThe FDNY says 34 people suffered from minor injuries, and service has been suspended or changed on the A, B, C, and D lines.
  17. The New South Ferry Station Finally Reopens After Hurricane SandyIt took five years and about $350 million in renovations after the stop was inundated by the superstorm.
  18. stand clear of the closing doors
    Joe Lhota Is Back As MTA ChairmanLhota, who got the subways running after Hurricane Sandy, will take over the job as the agency faces crises on multiple fronts.
  19. commuting woes
    MTA Previews ‘Summer of Hell’ for LIRR RidersAlmost 10,000 commuters will be affected and have been instructed to warn their employers in advance.
  20. stand clear of the closing doors
    MTA Has a New 6-Point Plan to Make Subway Commuting Less TerribleRolling out over six months and starting with the A,C,E lines.
  21. l train apocalypse
    L Train Apocalypse May Be Slightly Shorter Than ExpectedThe MTA now expects the repairs to take 15 months instead of 18.
  22. stand clear of the closing doors
    MTA Decides Against Raising Base FareCertain commuters will still see a fare increase come March.
  23. A Subway Fare Hike Is Likely Coming SoonThe MTA board must still vote on the proposal, but increases will likely go into effect in March.
  24. stand clear of the closing doors
    New York’s Subway Stations Will All Have Cell-Phone Service by MondayNo excuse to not respond to that email.
  25. stand clear of the closing doors
    The First Day in the Life of the Second Avenue SubwayWhat it was like taking the new Q out for a spin.
  26. second avenue subway
    The Second Avenue Subway Might Actually Open by the End of the YearMTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast said he’s “cautiously optimistic.”
  27. Two People Injured in Subway Fight Over Seat-HoggingA man grazed the leg of the man sitting next to him. Bloody mayhem ensued.
  28. The W Train Is BackA look at the line’s first day back on the job since 2010.
  29. stand clear of the closing doors
    Seeing Is Believing: Video Shows MTA Testing Second Avenue SubwayIt’s really happening … soonish.
  30. W Train Officially Comes Out of Retirement in NovemberWelcome back!
  31. There Are More Complaints About ‘Hot Cars’ on the Subway This SummerHell hath no fury like the commuter without AC.
  32. MTA Is Testing Out New, Fancy Countdown ClocksLettered subway lines are about to get an upgrade.
  33. Zika Fears Prompt MTA to Drain Gross Subway PuddlesAnd fill any standing water with larvicide.
  34. stand clear of the closing doors
    MTA Fare Hikes Are Looming Next YearThe MTA released its budget plans, and it’s looking like a subway ride (and possibly buses, commuter rails, and tolls) might cost more in 2017.
  35. under construction
    Second Avenue Subway Is Behind Schedule, AgainSo close, and yet so far. 
  36. l train doomsday
    L Train Is Officially Going to Shut DownNo service between Brooklyn and Manhattan.
  37. stand clear of the closing doors
    Governor Cuomo Unveils Upgrades to NYC Subway SystemDon’t get your hopes too high — but the train doors will be wider, and that’ll be nice. 
  38. stand clear of the closing doors
    What Caused Yesterday’s Mass Subway Delays?An electrical issue severely interrupted the system, especially the numbered lines. 
  39. ‘Electrical Issue’ Causes Delays Across the Entire Subway SystemAlmost every line experienced problems.
  40. stand clear of the closing doors
    Subway Sex-Crime Reports Are Up More Than 50 PercentCops say it has to do with tougher enforcement and more people speaking out. 
  41. Eventually People Will Have Even More Ways to Annoy You on the SubwayPretty soon your fellow riders will have new ways to annoy you.
  42. New NYC Subway Map Shows Second Avenue LinePlus, welcome back, W train!
  43. stand clear of the closing doors
    Sorry, Brownstone Brooklyn: F Train Express Is Coming As Early As This SummerFaster service between Jay Street–MetroTech and Church Avenue, but local stops will get 50 percent fewer trains.
  44. l train doomsday
    Both MTA L Train Plans Don’t Sound GreatThe MTA gives two not-great options to straphangers.
  45. stand clear of the closing doors
    See Manspreading Ads From Around the WorldA study in subway etiquette across states and borders.
  46. The Beginning of the End for MetroCards Is HereIt’ll be a while before the MTA replaces them with a new payment system, though.
  47. Here’s One Way the MTA Is Getting the Subway Ready for the Next Superstorm SandyA test on the Canal Street 1 stop in downtown Manhattan. 
  48. stand clear of the closing doors
    L Train Shutdown Could Affect Manhattan, TooIt’s going to be a rough year (or three).
  49. stand clear of the closing doors
    Giant Rat Crawls Onto Sleeping Subway RiderThis isn’t the first time this has happened, either.
  50. stand clear of the closing doors
    Contractor Has Been Trying to Fix Leaky New Hudson Yards Station Since 2012It’s only six months old!
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