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  1. higher education
    If Not Snapchat, What? A Guide to Stanford’s Non-Tech FiefdomsStanford is known for producing the tech industry’s elite class. But it’s also a good place for becoming a Master of the Universe in other arenas.
  2. technology
    A Cynic’s Guide to Killing It at StanfordMany of the 1,700 freshmen arriving in Palo Alto this September didn’t come for the Romantic poetry but to network, raise capital, and drop out.
  3. term sheets are the new term papers
    Stanford Is Now Basically a Venture-Capital Fund With Some DormsIt’s giving money to student start-ups now.
  4. silicon valley u.
    CEO 101: The Stanford Class That Is Humanizing Silicon ValleyInside CS198, the class that teaches hackers how to be humans.
  5. media
    Helen Gurley Brown Puts $30 Million Toward Saving JournalismThe legendary ‘Cosmo’ editor is making a huge donation to Columbia and Stanford.
  6. the future is coming
    Stanford Withdrew Its Bid for a New York Campus [Updated]Cornell’s chances to win the tech sweeps are looking better.
  7. school daze
    Which School Will Rule Roosevelt Island?Either Cornell or Stanford, probably.
  8. the future is coming
    Universities Compete to Build New York City a Campus for GeeksStanford wants to build a campus on Roosevelt Island.
  9. sincerity
    Harvard MBA Larry Estrada Will Do No Harm at Goldman SachsBut he will be AWESOME.
  10. school daze
    Harvard and Stanford Tuitions Break $50,000That Harvard, always on top.