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    Abolish the Space ForceJoe Biden, please, I’m begging you.
  2. full name: yoda yoda
    ‘Am I Allowed to Say Baby Yoda?’: Rules for the Yoda DiscourseOne fun trick that lets you call Baby Yoda “Baby Yoda” without being wrong.
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    The Untold Story of Star Wars’ XBox Dance Game Star Wars Kinect“And since that carbonite’s off me/I’m livin’ life now that I’m free.”
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    The Best New Star Wars Fan Fiction, From Pregnant Kylo Ren to Droid SlashAll the droid-on-droid action you didn’t know you needed.
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    This Video-Game Company Now Has the Most-Hated Comment in Reddit HistoryPlayers are mad they have to play a game for a long time to get a reward.
  6. Guy Turns Floppy Disks Into Excellent, Star Wars–Playing OrchestraBum. Bum. Ba-daah! Bum. Ba-daah! Bum. Ba-daah!
  7. Grown-up With Lightsaber Puts Campus on LockdownSUNY Farmingdale: I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
  8. The Best of the Fake Star Wars Opening Crawls Meme“Episode VIII: We Dem Boys.”
  9. Force Awakens Ship Power Rankings“Reylo” is apparently a thing.
  10. People Online Are Mad About Rey From Star WarsTurns out some parts of Star Wars, a movie about space samurais, are unbelievable.
  11. other people’s local news
    Upstate N.Y. Man Now Goes by Name ‘Darth Vader’You can call him Eric, though. 
  12. Reddit Plagued by Star Wars SpoilersDozens have been banned for spoiling The Force Awakens.
  13. Star Wars Fandom in 1999The web’s earliest fandom lives on.
  14. Who Should Star in the Young Han Solo Movies?In a perfect world, this would be the new Star Wars cast.
  15. NYPD Investigating Star Wars CopsThe “chief” is not happy. 
  16. mysteries
    NYPD Cops Embrace Darth Vader’s Theme Song Police cruisers have been witnessed playing the “Imperial March.”
  17. Inside LEGO’s Life-Size Star Wars X-Wing Fighter With a 7-Year-OldThe biggest LEGO sculpture ever made will be in Times Square soon.
  18. early and awkward
    President Obama Badly Bungles Nerd Reference [Updated]“Jedi mind meld” is not a thing.
  19. petitions
    Lame White House Refuses to Build a Death Star Despite a compelling petition.
  20. brooklyn
    Local Adult Seeks Stolen Light Saber“Who steals somebody’s light saber?”
  21. ballsy crime
    Man In Darth Vader Costume Robs Long Island BankLoses points for the camouflage pants.
  22. let’s get civical
    Deputy Mayor Skyler Doesn’t Just Have a Star Wars NameHe loves the movie franchise, too!
  23. in other news
    Use the N/R, Luke, Use the N/RSometimes feel like you’re battling intergalactic evil as you rush through the Union Square subway station? Seems there’s a good reason for it: The I-Beams in the station exactly mimic the first stage of the Death Star level in the old Star Wars arcade game. This dorky observation is made cinematic at the blog Ironic Sans (to which the Morning News pointed us yesterday). There’s a short film to demonstrate, complete with accompanying computer graphics. Interestingly, Leia’s gold bikini seems to have been replaced by a very attractive garbage can. I See the Death Star [Ironic Sans via The Morning News]