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  1. the picket line
    The National Labor Relations Board Takes On StarbucksFederal labor regulators are seeking a broad court order against the chain for its anti-union push.
  2. labor
    The Woke Corporation Is Dead. Good.Workers are showing that a benevolent dictator is still a dictator.
  3. organized labor
    For the First Time Ever, a Starbucks Store Has Voted to Form a UnionThe new wave of labor activism has struck inside one of the country’s largest businesses and the fast-food industry.
  4. business
    A Union Is Brewing at StarbucksWorkers say the company doesn’t live up to its progressive promises and is trying to stop them from organizing.
  5. coronavirus
    These Are the Stores Requiring Customers to Wear MasksWalmart is joining Costco, Starbucks, and Best Buy in requiring shoppers to cover their faces to avoid spreading COVID-19.
  6. protests
    Are We at Peak Boycott?Social media coupled with an increasingly polarized populace has brought us to what feels like an apex. Or is this just the beginning?
  7. decision 2020
    Howard Schultz Reminds Nation He Was Running for President by Dropping OutThe former Starbucks CEO won’t seek the Independent nomination after all.
  8. the top line
    Why Starbucks Is Changing Its Reward Program, AgainThat free triple venti hazelnut soy latte with whipped cream just got a little tougher to earn.
  9. the top line
    Everyone Is Right About StarbucksJust because somebody is out there giving advice that’s bad for you, that doesn’t mean they’re giving bad advice.
  10. howard schultz
    Howard Schultz’s Deficit of HonestyHoward Schultz says he doesn’t “see color.” That doesn’t tell us much about him, but it does tell us something about racism in America.
  11. howard schultz
    Howard Schultz’s Austerity Rhetoric Is a Bad Omen for Black AmericaHoward Schultz’s time at Starbucks was marked by his support for racial equality. But black Americans would suffer from the austerity he preaches.
  12. long vs short
    Long vs. Short: Is Starbucks Still a Good Investment?Did recent controversies hurt the brand? Will the Chinese take a grande liking to coffee? Two food industry experts weigh in.
  13. Democrats Must Reject Howard Schultz and His Radical Centrist IdeologyThe Starbucks CEO will never be the Democrats’ 2020 nominee. But he speaks for a powerful segment of the party’s donor class.
  14. Starbucks Took the Wrong Approach to Anti-racism Training. Here’s the Right One.Closing its stores to train employees was a good first step, but focusing on unconscious-bias training was a mistake.
  15. Black Loiterers, White Lingerers, and Starbucks CoffeeAn incident at Starbucks illustrates how norms are racially coded and why the concept of “unconscious bias” is sometimes misleading.
  16. roundup
    The Starbucks Arrests and the Toll of Routine BiasWhat we know about the arrests of two black men in a Philadelphia Starbucks, and what the response to the viral story is revealing.
  17. select all
    Starbucks’s Spring Cups Inadvertently Celebrate Twitter’s Most DerangedThe pastel cups for spring 2017 look uncannily like Twitter eggs.
  18. bad ideas
    Starbucks Stops Fighting Racism With Coffee CupsYou missed your chance to have an awkward talk with your barista.
  19. starbucks bucks
    Starbucks Is Changing Its Terrible Scheduling PoliciesFollowing a New York Times feature on their impact on employees.
  20. cabin fever
    President Obama Goes Wild, Makes a Starbucks RunHe proclaimed, “The bear is loose!”
  21. starbucks
    Cool New Coffee Shop to Open in WilliamsburgThe first of its kind.
  22. Starbucks Doesn’t Want Guns in Coffee ShopsStarbucks’ CEO is asking everyone to stop walking around with guns at Starbucks. 
  23. ink-stained wretches
    New York Times Paywall Loophole Now Located in StarbucksSome articles are free as long as you buy coffee (or steal Wi-Fi).
  24. Your Paper Cup Is Destroying the WorldWhy Bloomberg’s proposed ban on foam is misguided.
  25. Frank Rich on the National Circus: The Fiscal Cliff Was a MolehillThe standoff is over but the ideological war will get much bloodier.
  26. the cliff of insantity
    Not All Starbucks Staffers Doing ‘Come Together’Here are some disappointed tweets.
  27. first-world problems
    Anarchy Reigns As Starbucks Runs Low on Pumpkin Spice LatteWhat’s the point of living, even?
  28. nanny state
    Will Bloomberg Have Mercy on Frappuccino Lovers?Tackling the stickier aspects of New York’s soda ban.
  29. crimes and misdemeanors
    Frappuccino Firebombs Were More Revenge Than Hate CrimeThe Queens attacks on New Year’s Day were mostly about settling personal scores.
  30. bladder matters
    Starbucks Employees Still Don’t Want You Using the BathroomThe toilet tale continues to unfold.
  31. scary things
    Starbucks to Trigger Urination Crisis in New York [Updated]You may not be able to pee in them for much longer.
  32. neighborhood news
    Man Seeks to Pleasure Himself in Every NYC StarbucksEw. Also unfunny.
  33. photo op
    Can You Guess Why This Photo Has Captivated China?It certainly doesn’t seem special to us.
  34. bons mots
    Willie Geist Is Not Proud of His Morning Joe Beverages“I’m not a coffee drinker so my drink is kind of like a girlie skim chai latte.”
  35. bonus season
    Signs of Economic Recovery: Big, Bouncy Executive BonusesFeel free to spread your bonus ire beyond Wall Street.
  36. starbucks bucks
    Starbucks Workers Get Holiday Pay, Protest AnywayVenti latte makers unite!
  37. revolution
    Lady Who Refuses to Say ‘Venti’ Gets Thrown Out of StarbucksThe Starbucks ordering-code revolution begins with a bagel.
  38. ballsy lawsuits
    Starbucks Patron Was Not Prepared for Tea to Be HotBut it was, and now she’s suing.
  39. ink-stained wretches
    Journal to Join Times and USA Today on Starbucks’ Newsstands in New YorkJust in time for the ‘Journal”s New York section!
  40. neighborhood news
    Brooklyn Heights Starbucks Rocked by Man-SlapThis confrontation was so Brooklyn in every way.
  41. brushes with greatness
    Starbucks Barista Commits Classic Celebrity Faux Pas“You know who you look just like?”
  42. made-off
    SEC to Send Staff to ‘Fraud College’ to Prepare Them for Future Madoffs“The fraud college concept is a great one,” SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro said today. Er, really?
  43. brushes with greatness
    Spotted: Chelsea Clinton at Starbucks “She looks not exactly ecstatic,” our tipster observes.
  44. cultural capital
    Starbucks Shoves Brooklyn Down Your ThroatAnd charges 40 cents extra for it.
  45. company town
    Katrina vanden Heuvel Gets Most of Her Talking Points From Jezebel’The Nation’ editor and publisher reminds lady bloggers that imitation is flattery, Dick Grasso heads to court, and either a W or a Westin sets its sights on the Lower East Side — all that and more, in our daily digest of media, finance, real-estate, and law news.
  46. company town
    Jamie Dimon: ‘Many’ of Bear’s 14,000 Employees Will Lose JobsDid Bear Stearns collapse in part because of a whisper campaign? How will Starbucks keep its customers if everyone starts pinching pennies? And what did Sarah Jessica Parker think of Maxim naming her the “unsexiest woman alive”? Our weekly roundup of law, media, and business news.
  47. company town
    Scott Galloway Raises Stake, Prepares to Plunge It Into Heart of ‘NYT’FINANCE • Ah, so that’s where all the G5s on the Teterborough tarmac were headed! The private-equity world descends upon Munich for the annual spectacularly named Super Return conference. [DealBook/NYT] • Vagilante Scott Galloway and Harbinger Capital Partners raise their stake in the Times to just over 19 percent. [NYP] • Hey, everyone! Hedge funds are a risk to the entire financial system! No duh. [Business Week]
  48. photo op
    Chelsea Clinton Floored at Starbucks Yeah, hey, it’s me. I’m at Starbucks. Guess who’s sitting right behind me. [Whispers] Chelsea Clinton. She’s sitting right behind me. I don’t know, she’s typing on her laptop. She’s sitting on the floor. She looks hot these days. Totally hot. I mean, way hotter than when she was like … 13. No, I’m at a table. What? You think I should give her my seat or something? No fucking way, dude. Chelsea Clinton at Starbucks: We Have Soooo Been There [Jezebel]
  49. 21 questions
    Sarah, Duchess of York, Wears Her Hair LongName: Sarah, Duchess of York Age: 48 Job: Author, royal, and philanthropist. Her Sarah Ferguson Foundation will be the beneficiary of Thursday night’s La Dolce Vita Gala at Cipriani Wall Street. Borough: Manhattan Who’s your favorite New Yorker, living or dead, real or fictional? I feel Eloise and I are similar in spirit. What do you actually do all day in your job? I connect dots. By that I mean my mind is like an idea factory, constantly on overdrive. So my job, in a sense, is building bridges that link a good concept with the right people and resources. In my work for the Sarah Ferguson Foundation, I get personally involved in raising funds for school-building projects in Sierra Leone and Liberia. As co-CEO of Hartmoor, my multimedia lifestyle company, I’m constantly developing ideas for new products, film, TV, books, and the Web, and then search my rolodex for the right contacts. I’ve got a great team around me, but I am a very hands-on type of person and in truth I’m never, ever idle. Where do you get your coffee? Starbucks.
  50. the morning line
    And in Non-Explosion News… • As if last night’s man-made horrors weren’t enough, here’s one from Mother Nature: A tornado touched down in Islip Terrace, uprooting trees and ripping up a law office, as two storms pummeled Long Island at the same time. [WNBC] • Some Wall Street Journal employees answer phones by drawling “News Corporation” in an Australian accent. [NYT] • Congress is refusing to pass a “routine resolution” honoring the New York Archdiocese because it mentions scandal-tainted Cardinal Edward Egan by name. Honorable, we guess. Remind us why Congress is honoring archdioceses in the first place? [NYP] • Al Sharpton, who led the drive to get Don Imus fired, will have no problem with his nemesis’ return to the airwaves: “He has a right to make a living.” So does the Rev, who clearly needs new material. [amNY] • And mazel tov to Mark Malkoff, who visited every Starbucks in Manhattan — there are 171 — in 24 hours. Bad news: Dude’s an “aspiring filmmaker” and, naturally, filmed the journey. [NYDN]
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