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State Budget Deficit

  1. cuomolot
    Can Andrew Cuomo Lay Off More State Workers Than His Dad?Not that it’s a contest! Right?
  2. State GOP Tries to Outmaneuver PatersonSenate Majority Leader Dean Skelos tries to kill Paterson’s budget cuts with an early vote, leaving the governor scrambling.
  3. early and often
    Paterson’s Weekend: Bad For Budget, Good for VelazquezAs State Senate Republicans hold up budget talks, Paterson gives an indication of who might replace Hillary Clinton if she is appointed Secretary of State.
  4. Paterson on the Budget Deficit: ‘We Are Going to Need Federal Assistance’Mr. Paterson is going to Washington. Meanwhile, on the home front, there’s already a game of chicken going on between him and the legislature over who will cut first.
  5. Paterson: Projected State Budget Deficit Has Grown to $12 BillionThat’s more than double the projected deficit from August.