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  1. capitol riot
    Trump State Department Appointee Arrested Over Capitol RiotThe FBI said Federico Klein stormed the Capitol and assaulted an officer. He’s the first Trump administration member charged in the insurrection.
  2. inspector general purge
    Pompeo Says IG Should Have Been Fired ‘Some Time Ago’ But Won’t Say WhyThe secretary of state denies that he was retaliating against the inspector general, who was reportedly investigating him over multiple issues.
  3. coronavirus
    State Department Issues Global ‘Do Not Travel’ Warning to AmericansIn an unprecedented act, State warns that Americans should prepare “to remain abroad for an indefinite period” if they don’t return immediately.
  4. coronavirus
    State Dept. Issues ‘Do Not Travel’ to China Warning Amid Coronavirus OutbreakState raised its advisory for China to its highest level, and urged Americans in China to depart to avoid potential exposure to Wuhan coronavirus.
  5. world view
    Trump’s Israeli Settlement Reversal Is About What’s Good for Him, Not the LawThere’s scant evidence that the U.S. examined “all sides of the legal debate,” but altering the longstanding policy has domestic advantages for Trump.
  6. foreign policy
    Pompeo Prioritizes Arms Sales Over Civilian Lives in YemenAfter he was warned about jeopardizing weapons sales, the secretary of State overruled experts who said Saudi Arabia isn’t keeping civilians safe.
  7. state department
    Mike Pompeo Has Launched a War on Misplaced CommasThe secretary of state is apparently a stickler for proper punctuation.
  8. select all
    Only 11 Percent of the State Department’s Devices Are Highly SecureEven the U.S. State Department does not use multi-factor authentication.
  9. select all
    Facebook Users Troll State Department Over ‘Family Travel Hacks’ EventThe State Department event page on Facebook was flooded with questions … just not the kinds the organization wanted.
  10. More U.S. Diplomats Evacuated After Possible ‘Sonic Attack’ in ChinaAmericans in Guangzhou have fallen ill with mysterious symptoms like those experienced by two dozen U.S. diplomats in Cuba.
  11. Trump’s Pick to Run Refugee Program Is a Fellow at Anti-Immigrant GroupAn outspoken critic of undocumented immigrants, Ronald Mortensen may soon be in charge of protecting refugees.
  12. foreign policy
    With Pompeo-Kim Jong-un Meeting, Trump Underscores State Department IrrelevanceThe CIA director’s deep involvement in talks with the North Korean leader shows Trump has little regard for Senate or diplomatic procedure.
  13. Trump’s Effort to Purge Disloyal Civil Servants May Already Be UnderwayLeaked emails that identify “turncoats” and “troublemakers” for “cleaning” suggest that the State Department “brain drain” was intentional.
  14. foreign policy
    No, Mike Pompeo Isn’t Going to Save the State DepartmentEven if Pompeo is capable of restoring the State Department to its former glory, it doesn’t appear that’s what Trump wants him to do.
  15. Mike Pompeo, Trump’s Pick for Secretary of State, Has a Problem With IslamA known Islamophobe serving as the nation’s top diplomat seems like a bad idea.
  16. foreign policy
    The Mess Rex Tillerson Is Leaving BehindHe has been fired as secretary of State. His legacy is chaos at the institution he ran.
  17. Russia Accuses the U.S. of ‘Direct Interference’ in Its Presidential ElectionThe Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has a sense of humor.
  18. Doctors Find Abnormalities in Brains of ‘Sonic Attack’ VictimsInvestigators think the so-called “sonic attack” on U.S. embassy workers in Cuba has been mislabeled.
  19. Trump Appears to Be Firing Tillerson Via Public ShamingThe president used the same technique on Jeff Sessions, and he’s still attorney general — but Tillerson may not have much appetite for humiliation.
  20. immigration
    300,000 Central American and Haitian Immigrants May Soon Face DeportationMany of the immigrants have U.S.-born children and own homes and businesses, and some have lived in the country for decades.
  21. Trump on Unfilled State Department Jobs: ‘I Am the Only One Who Matters’Just a normal president saying normal president stuff.
  22. mysteries
    Were U.S. Tourists Also Sickened by the Mysterious Attacks in Cuba?One U.S. traveler told the Associated Press that he suffered similar symptoms on a 2014 trip to Havana.
  23. U.S. Closes Russian Consulate as Election-Hacking Back-and-Forth ContinuesThe move is a response to Russia’s expulsion of diplomatic staff, which was a response to U.S. punishment for the Kremlin’s election interference.
  24. politics
    Rex Tillerson Won’t Say If Trump ‘Speaks for American Values’“The president speaks for himself.”
  25. Tillerson Denies He Wants to Quit, But Doesn’t Appear to Be Doing Much LeadingDiplomats complain that the former Exxon CEO is a surprisingly ineffectual manager — but that may be what Trump wants.
  26. Federal Employees Discuss the Ethics of Sticking It Out With Trump’s GovernmentStay in an attempt to influence a hostile administration, or go when your personal red line is crossed?
  27. Secretary of State Gives Up on Diplomacy, Berates White HouseTillerson is tired of the White House blocking his hires and letting the president’s son-in-law usurp his authority. And he’s done holding his tongue.
  28. select all
    State Department Moves Forward on Collecting Immigrant Social-Media InformationBut only for a small portion of “high-risk” applicants.
  29. Rex Tillerson Is in No Rush to Fill Vacant State Department PositionsHis spokesman compared his restructuring process to mapping out the wreck of the Titanic.
  30. select all
    State Department Adds and Quickly Deletes ‘Winter White House’ PageIn a puzzling move, the Trump administration promoted Mar-a-Lago as though it were an important historic landmark.
  31. Diplomats Say They Were Told Not to Make Eye Contact With Rex TillersonState Department staffers are sharing paranoid rumors about their reclusive leader.
  32. State Department Employee Accused of Aiding Chinese Intelligence AgentsShe allegedly accepted tens of thousands of dollars in cash and gifts in exchange for government information.
  33. early and often
    Secretary of State Tillerson Looks to Media to Get President’s AttentionSome worry that his low profile is a sign that the State Department doesn’t hold much sway in the Trump administration.
  34. Trump Nixes Plan to Appoint a War Criminal to the State DepartmentThe president was fine with Elliott Abrams’s history of fomenting coups and abetting genocide — but not with the neocon’s NeverTrump past.
  35. trump administration
    White House Opted Not to Release State Department Holocaust Message Naming JewsA White House official said it wasn’t released because they’d already sent a Holocaust remembrance that said nothing about Jews.
  36. Clinton Foundation Says It Accepted $1 Million Donation From QatarAccording to a Reuters report.
  37. America Gives Israel a $38 Billion Gift Certificate for WeaponsThe Obama administration gives Israel the largest security aid package it has ever received.
  38. Most of the Private Citizens Sec. Clinton Met With Had Donated to Her FoundationThe AP reports that more than half of the nongovernment officials Clinton met with at the State Department had donated to the Clinton Foundation.
  39. New Emails Revive Concerns About Cronyism in Clinton’s State DepartmentThe head of the Clinton Global Initiative asked the State Department to hire his associate. “Personnel has been sending him options,” an aide replied.
  40. emailgate
    State Department to Reopen Internal Review of Clinton EmailsYou will never stop hearing about her damn emails.
  41. Audit: Hillary Clinton’s Use of a Private Email Server Violated Federal RulesA new State Department audit challenges several claims the Democratic front-runner has made about her use of a private email server while serving as secretary of State.
  42. Hillary Clinton Reacts to Benghazi in Newest Batch of EmailsThree thousand new pages were released around 2 a.m.
  43. terrorism
    State Department Issues Worldwide Travel Alert, Still Wants Us to Remain CalmIt notes terrorists “continue to plan terrorist attacks in multiple regions.”
  44. hillary clinton
    Clinton Wants to Learn How to Email BetterThe State Department releases another batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails.
  45. cuba
    The U.S. Embassy in Cuba Officially Opens for Business TodayAfter more than 50 years, the U.S. and Cuba are once again official diplomatic friends.
  46. foreign policy
    Cuba Now Officially Off U.S. Terror List Iran, Syria, and Sudan are the only countries left on the list. 
  47. hillary clinton
    State Department Releases Benghazi Emails There are 296 in all. 
  48. John Kerry on Execution in North Korea: ‘Grotesque, Grisly, Horrendous’“One of the most egregious examples of reckless disregard for human rights and human beings anywhere on the planet.” 
  49. early and awkward
    Did the State Department Cover Up Prostitution and Drug Scandals?A whistle-blower says yes.
  50. very sad things
    Young American Diplomat Killed in Afghan AttackAnne Smedinghoff was 25 years old.
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