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State Of Disunion

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    The State of the Union in GIFsYou want to watch these.
  2. state of disunion
    What You Missed in the State of the Union SpeechThe highs and lows, the crying, the Fig Newtons.
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    Full Text of Obama’s State of the Union AddressDon’t watch to watch it on TV? Here it is.
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    The Lines That Received the Longest Applause at the State of the UnionTroops, teachers, taxes, and Abraham Lincoln.
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    In Defense of President Obama’s Milk JokeUm, guys? He knew it was bad.
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    The Five Most Inspirational American Heroes Attending the State of the UnionGet ready to be inspired!
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    The State of the Union Is Scheduled for January 25Will John Boehner cry? Will President Obama berate the Supreme Court? Tune in!
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    Why Justice Alito Was Moving His Mouth Last NightAnd was he right and Obama wrong?
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    The State of the Union Fails to Unite the Nation’s PunditsWhat important people thought of Obama’s speech.
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    Obama’s State of the Union Address In 5 MinutesBecause you are a busy and important person.
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    Obama Feels Your Frustration, But He’s Not Rattled By ItHis State of the Union Was a two-pronged approach.
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    Joe Wilson Will Be Heavily Sedated TonightHe promises he’ll be on his best behavior.