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State Of The State

  1. Cuomo Vows to Sue Feds Over Trump Tax Bill’s Discrimination Against New YorkersIt’s a long shot, but if Republicans deliberately targeted blue states, that could be adjudged as unconstitutional.
  2. Indian Point, the Nuclear Plant About 30 Miles From NYC, Will Close in 2021The facility generates a quarter of NYC’s power — all carbon-free.
  3. state of the state
    New York City’s Second-Worst Airport Might Also Get an UpgradeGovernor Cuomo proposes a $10 billion redevelopment plan for JFK.
  4. city politic
    Introducing Cuomo 2.0The governor’s State of the State introduced an energized agenda for New York. He wouldn’t mind if the rest of the nation were watching, too.
  5. Cuomo Pushes for Teacher Evaluations — Seriously This TimeThis time he really, really means it.
  6. cuomolot
    Governor Cuomo: ‘Change Is Possible in Albany, Believe It or Not’“And I say Amen!”
  7. oh albany!
    Malcolm Smith Reveals That New York Already Has Term LimitsWhoops!
  8. early and often
    Paterson’s State of the State Shows a Governor Finally Learning From His MistakesBut still, it felt like a holding action on behalf of the beleaguered governor.
  9. the cuddle muddle
    Governor Paterson Prepares to Pummel New York With Kitchen Sink of EthicsPaterson will propose a slew of bold reform proposals in his State of the State speech tomorrow.