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  1. state of the union address
    Lauren Boebert Makes ‘You Lie’ Heckle Seem QuaintIn a new State of the Union low, the far-right representative shouted at President Biden as he was discussing his son Beau’s death.
  2. state of the union address
    Biden Revives Old Unity Theme to Reset PresidencyBy touting global and national solidarity in defense of Ukraine, Biden’s State of the Union offered a clear if subtle contrast to Trumpism.
  3. politics
    A Guide to Congress’s Jam-Packed FebruaryDemocrats’ to-do list includes salvaging Build Back Better, reforming election laws, and avoiding a shutdown — and they know time is running out.
  4. the national interest
    Now Trump Is Charging Nancy Pelosi With Fake Crimes, TooWhy Trump calls all his opponents criminals.
  5. vision 2020
    Barack Obama Haunts President Trump’s Attempts to Win Black VotesTrump wants to peel off some black voters in 2020. But a major animating force in his presidency is a rejection of his still popular predecessor.
  6. vision 2020
    Trump Isn’t a Moderate, But He Plays One on TVThe president’s appeals to black voters and economic liberals in last night’s address were mendacious. They may prove effective anyway.
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    Live State of the Union Polling: Mixed News for a Divisive PresidentParticipants in live dial-testing seem to show support for some of Trump’s agenda, but it hasn’t translated to support for Trump.
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    Trump Avoids Handshake With Pelosi at State of the UnionThe president appeared to ignore an attempted handshake from Speaker Pelosi, who infamously dressed Trump down at a White House meeting in October.
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    Trump Didn’t “Lift People Off Welfare.” He Cut Them Off.Republicans gave Trump a standing ovation during the State of the Union for slashing aid to the poor.
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    Nancy Pelosi Rips Up Trump’s State of the Union SpeechThe Speaker of the House stood up and tore the president’s prepared remarks in half, later calling it “the courteous thing to do.”
  11. the national interest
    Trump Speech Cites Sole Triumph: Rebranding Obama’s Economy As His OwnKeep the same economy, skim off the top for your rich pals, claim credit.
  12. impeachment
    What We Learned on Day 7 of Trump’s Impeachment TrialTrump’s lawyers shifted their strategy to a “so what?” argument as Republicans continued to fight the idea of hearing John Bolton.
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    Republicans Warming to Idea of Calling Their Own Trump Trial WitnessesThe thinking is that if Democrats get John Bolton into the dock, the president should get an impeachment witness he wants, like Hunter or Joe Biden.
  14. world view
    Why Doesn’t Trump’s Talk of U.S. Moral Duty Apply to North Korea?In his SOTU, Trump invoked the Holocaust to signal our moral duty to oppose Iran and Venezuela — and made overtures to North Korea’s cruel regime.
  15. vision 2020
    Trump’s State of the Union Was a Preview of His 2020 StrategyThe president promised liberal economic policies — without all those taxes or subversive social values.
  16. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Trump’s Big Speech Failed at Every LevelEven looking at the 80-minute-plus laundry list from Trump’s point of view, the State of the Union address seems to be a disaster.
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    Bernie Sanders Calls Trump’s SOTU ‘Racist,’ Rebukes Claims About ‘Hot’ EconomyIn his own State of the Union response, Sanders called out Trump’s racism toward Latinos, and noted that his speech glazed over economic inequality.
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    The State of the Union Is DelusionA con man just stiltedly recited a litany of his own willful fantasies, and America’s — while a basket of respectables hooted and hollered.
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    Abrams Delivers in State of the Union ResponseIt was the best SOTU response in years, and showed why southern — and not just southern — Democrats are excited about her future.
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    What You Missed in the 2019 State of the Union AddressWe may forget the details from Trump’s 84-minute speech by next week, but these GIFs will live on.
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    Trump to Democrats: Let’s Compromise — and Do It My Way!Another presidential address advertised as a bipartisan gesture turned out to be anything but that.
  22. the national interest
    The State of the Union Is CrookedTrump demands an end to all investigations of his crooked administration.
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    Don’t Trust Whatever Trump Says About Fighting HIV and AIDS TonightThe Trump administration is too hostile to Obamacare and Medicaid to really help people who are living with the chronic disease.
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    Here’s a Real Bipartisan Idea: Make Trump Leave If He Loses in 2020Since Republicans are so excited about comity, they should agree to eject Trump from the White House if he loses in 2020 but claims “voter fraud.”
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    Abolish the State of the Union AddressRather than delivering a delayed address that won’t change anyone’s border wall stance, Trump should have seized the chance to end a dumb tradition.
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    First Lady Invites 11-Year-Old to SOTU Because He Is Bullied for His Name: TrumpThe First Lady doesn’t want anyone making fun of a Trump — all 4,788 of them living in America.
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    Stacey Abrams’s State of the Union Response is a Golden OpportunityResponses to presidential State of the Union Addresses are often unmemorable, but Stacey Abrams has a chance to make a difference.
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    Trump Blinks First in State of the Union Standoff With Nancy PelosiHe says he’ll give the speech after the shutdown ends.
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    Pelosi to Trump: No State of the Union Until You’ve Cleaned Up Your MessIf the president doesn’t end his shutdown by next Tuesday, the Speaker won’t let him onto her podium.
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    Pelosi Strongly Suggests That Trump Postpone State of the UnionThere’s no reason the House should have to host Trump’s televised speech, particularly when he’s shut down the government.
  31. Forget the State of the Union Address: Trump Wants a Military ParadeTrump wasn’t joking about wanting a great big jingoistic display. It’s happening.
  32. Of Course Trump Is Lying About His State of the Union RatingsThe speech did not draw record TV ratings, despite Trump’s claim.
  33. Missing From Trump’s Big Speech: Small GovernmentIt’s significant how little lip service Trump paid to conservative fiscal policy.
  34. Trump’s ‘Unity’ Speech Was Actually Extremely PartisanWe were told Trump would offer an uplifting appeal to bipartisanship tonight. That was false advertising.
  35. the national interest
    Why Trump’s Call for Unity Is a LieSome slight familiarity with the details reveals how hollow the president’s offer is.
  36. the national interest
    Donald Trump and Paul Ryan’s Phony WarThey want you to think Trump has a brand-new economic vision. He doesn’t.