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    Why Are Minnesota Democrats So Progressive?Despite having a single-vote state-senate majority, they have passed the most ambitious agenda in the country.
  2. democracy
    Democrats Are Turning Their Attention to a Very Unsexy Bulwark of DemocracyDemocrats have historically not focused their energies on the secretaries of state. But the office is crucial to state elections.
  3. state politics
    Sheldon Silver Hoping to Serve His Time in a Cushy PrisonHe was sentenced to 12 years in prison Tuesday.
  4. Minimum Wages Go Up Across the Country This Week(Including New York.)
  5. Michigan Sex-Scandal Story Will Live Forever“My wife said, ‘Yes, run!’”
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    State Rep. Involved in Weird Scandal ResignsThe fake scandal failed to save Michigan State representative Todd Courser’s job. 
  7. can u not
    Michigan State Rep. Says He Was BlackmailedTodd Courser plans to stay in government so he can expose “political shenanigans.”
  8. unlikely trends
    Truck Driver Who Won Gubernatorial Primary Didn’t Tell His Mom He Was RunningShe voted for her son anyway — thinking it was a candidate with the same name as him. 
  9. billy joel
    Does Billy Joel Have to Die Before New York Names a Road After Him?You can get what you want, or you can just get old, The Wall Street Journal reports.
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    Dean Skelos Facing New ChargesThe state senator and his son still say they’re innocent.
  11. ‘Cuomo Administration Official’ Who Is Mad at de Blasio Is Probably Just CuomoHe would not confirm or deny that he was the person in his office gifting blind quotes this week.
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    VA Politician Plans to Marry Former Secretary“You become friends first, and then intimate. And that’s what happened with us.”
  13. death penalty
    Nebraska Lawmakers Vote to End Death PenaltyIt’s the first conservative state to do so since 1973. 
  14. oh albany!
    New York State Starts Searching for Someone to Make It Less CorruptWant to clean up Albany? There’s a job for you.
  15. grammar quibbles
    Don’t Worry If You See Minnesota’s Governor Painting Dots on Road SignsMark Dayton has invited the umlaut back home.
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    Minnesota Legislators Still Not Allowed to Make Eye Contact“I find this particular rule of the Senate, dare I say, antiquated.”
  17. Indiana Rethinks Religious-Freedom Law After Losing Wilco ConcertState lawmakers unveil a fix. 
  18. Arkansas Governor Decides He Doesn’t Want to Be Yelled AtHe didn’t sign the religious-freedom bill. 
  19. take to the sea!
    NY Budget Gives Tax Breaks to Those Who Need It“It creates jobs, it makes New York state competitive.”
  20. Albany Lawmakers Worried Everyone Is Wearing Wires“As to whether it is the NSA, prosecutors or the Russian Mafia keeping tabs, probably somebody has the tapes.”
  21. Utah Representative Scared of Grandma’s Opinions on the Death Penalty“She scared me. I’m glad she’s not my grandmother.” 
  22. Mean State Lawmakers Crush Dreams of Children“If we keep bringing more of these bills, and bills, and bills forward that really I think we shouldn’t have in front of us, we’ll be picking a state hot dog next.”
  23. capital punishment
    Utah Legislators Pass Bill That Makes Execution by Firing Squad LegalThe state is the only one that has used a firing squad for an execution in recent years.
  24. An Idaho Lawmaker Learns a Valuable Lesson About the Female Reproductive SystemNo, a woman can’t swallow a small camera so her doctors can conduct a remote gynecological exam. 
  25. Kate Brown Just Became the Nation’s First Bisexual GovernorThe country has yet to elect an openly LGBT governor, however.
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    Georgia’s Battle for the Ballot BoxA successful state voter-registration effort, now being investigated for fraud, has the potential to turn a GOP stronghold into a swing state.
  27. cuomolot
    NY Times Rejects Cuomo’s Lieutenant GovernorIt says Timothy Wu is the right man for the “feeble” office.
  28. cuomolot
    New York Times Refuses to Endorse Cuomo for GovernorBut stops short of endorsing his Democratic challenger, Zephyr Teachout.
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    Andrew Cuomo’s Political Games Apparently Don’t Sit Well With the U.S. AttorneyRecords from the governor’s now-disbanded anti-corruption commission are under subpoena.