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States’ Rights

  1. politics
    The GOP Has Adopted an Anti-Voting-Rights Case It Once RejectedToday’s Republicans are using the same arguments southern Democrats once used to oppose the original Voting Rights Act.
  2. politics
    Republicans Defend Confederate Statues in the CapitolWhile Democrats say that 11 traitors who fought their country to defend and expand slavery don’t need to be commemorated in the Capitol.
  3. democracy
    Conservatives Want a ‘Republic’ to Protect PrivilegesMore often than not, those fighting popular majorities are simply defending the power of national, regional, or local oligarchies.
  4. Trump Plunges Ahead With Attack on Fuel Standards and CaliforniaIn a long-debated development, the administration freezes gas mileage standards and revokes California’s decades-old authority to be greener.
  5. Gun Lobby to Push for National Concealed-Carry RightsUsing a bipartisan bill to tighten gun background checks as bait, the NRA and its GOP allies are pushing to nationalize concealed-carry licenses.
  6. A New Romance: Trump Has Made Progressives Fall in Love With FederalismProgressives have taken up a conservative principle as a shield against the federal government. But is it just a marriage of convenience?
  7. Will Trump’s EPA Let California Be Green?At his confirmation hearing, Trump’s nominee — who professes giving the states regulatory leeway — was noncommittal.
  8. Will the Trump Administration Launch a Civil War Over Legal Weed?Trump’s pick for attorney general is America’s leading opponent of legal pot. Will Jeff Sessions enforce federal prohibition or honor states’ rights?
  9. Trump’s Gun Agenda Could Bring Armed Tourists to the Streets of New York CityTrump wants to make concealed-carry permits from one state valid in all 50.
  10. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Now Disavowing States’ Rights Positions at a Rapid ClipFirst, gay marriage. Now, abortion.
  11. equal rites
    Rick Perry Lays Out His Incomprehensible Views on Gay MarriageRemember when he said it was “fine” with him that New York legalized gay marriage? It’s not. OR IS IT?
  12. equal rites
    Joe Miller’s Confusing, Contradictory Position on Gay MarriageIt’s a states’ rights issue, except for the banning-it-everywhere part.
  13. important things
    New York Still Allowed to Enforce Its Own Gun LawsA controversial concealed-gun law has been defeated in the senate.