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  1. Trump Moves to Gut Obamacare Benefits RequirementsIt looks like another effort to sabotage Obamacare.
  2. How Republicans Are Trying to Pass the Buck on Health CareThe Graham-Cassidy bill would reverse a long trend toward equality in health-care coverage and force hellish decisions on the states.
  3. How Trumpcare Would Affect Medicaid and Why That’s Dividing RepublicansTrying to placate GOP-governed states that expanded Medicaid while shedding federal responsibility for indigent health care has been hard to do.
  4. GOP Governors Find the American Health Care Act Pretty Heavy-handedNo flexibility for them. And they aren’t happy about it.
  5. If Obamacare Bombs, States Must Share the BlameCertain states under hostile management have fought access to affordable health care for poor people before and after the ACA was enacted.
  6. economic woes
    The States Are Out of Money, TooMaybe 50 supercommittees would help?