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  1. Patricia Okoumou and the Dual Threat to Black ImmigrantsHer Statue of Liberty protest reminded the country that corrosive immigration laws have an effect on black communities, too.
  2. Woman Climbs Statue of Liberty to Protest Family Separations, Island Shut DownThousands of tourists were cleared from the monument on July 4. After a three-hour standoff, the NYPD helped the woman down and arrested her.
  3. The Statue of Liberty Was Originally Conceived As a Muslim Peasant WomanLady Liberty has a little-known history.
  4. threats
    Man Is Arrested for April Bomb Threat to Statue of LibertyHe also warned of attacks against Times Square and the Brooklyn Bridge under the name “ISIS Allah Bomb Maker.”
  5. Statue of Liberty Evacuated After Bomb ThreatSomeone phoned in a bomb threat, and police found a suspicious package in a locker.
  6. photo op
    There’s a Giant Inflatable Rubik’s Cube Floating Down the Hudson RiverWhy not?
  7. international intrigue
    D-Day Anniversary: The Most Intense CelebrationsAround the world, 70 years after Normandy.
  8. government shutdown
    The Statue of Liberty Will Reopen Tomorrow No thanks to the federal government.
  9. Video: Statue of Liberty Shutdown Is Making Tourists Angry, DespondentGive me your tired, your poor, your pissed-off masses …
  10. america!
    Battery Park to Host Lady Liberty’s Huddled Masses Indefinitely Ray Kelly and Chuck Schumer win this round.
  11. america!
    Statue of Liberty Still Bound by Security Squabbling Schumer and Kelly restart the feud.
  12. freedom
    Statue of Liberty Ready to Party on July 4The big, green Hurricane Sandy victim is coming back.
  13. lady liberty
    NYPD, Feds Can’t Agree on How to Screen Huddled MassesSo for the time being, the Statue of Liberty will remain closed.
  14. statue of liberty
    The Statue of Liberty’s Torch Is Burning Again It’s been out since Hurricane Sandy. 
  15. lady liberty
    Lady Liberty Interior Back Open for Business Next MonthIt reopens on October 28.
  16. freedom
    Webcam Will Offer a More Intimate Lady Liberty ViewThe Statue of Liberty’s panoramic views, 24/7.
  17. tourism
    People Visiting the Statue of Liberty Are Frequently ArmedTourists!
  18. lady liberty
    Statue of Liberty Closing for RenovationBut just for a year.
  19. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin Gets Ten-Person Escort for Visit to Statue of LibertyYou know, just a normal family sightseeing trip.
  20. oops
    U.S. Post Office Accidentally Issues Stamp Based on Vegas Statue of Liberty ReplicaRather than the actual Statue of Liberty.
  21. photo op
    The One Thing Your Apartment Is MissingA copper cast of the Statue of Liberty’s nose.
  22. crossing over
    Obama’s Stirring Immigration Speech Slightly Tainted by Misquote of ‘The New Colossus’Obama goes the sentimental route in major speech on immigration reform.
  23. neighborhood news
    Is This Beheading of a Novelty Statue of Liberty Something to Get Upset About?News coverage this morning would suggest it is.
  24. public service announcements
    The Statue of Liberty Is About to Be InvadedDon’t worry, it’s not the Soviets!
  25. things that are awesome
    Crown to Reopen at Statue of LibertyFor the first time since 9/11, the iconic tourist spot will be open for business.
  26. neighborhood news
    Lady Liberty’s Crown May Reopen by July FourthTired, huddled masses of tourists may be able to breathe its dank air once again.
  27. united we stand
    Entrails of Lady Liberty May Be Accessible Once MoreThanks, Interior Department!
  28. early and often
    Bloomberg Wants to Turn NYC Into Windy CityEver walked to work in the winter on the far West Side and battled that insane breeze off the Hudson? Soon enough, that wind could be working for you!
  29. photo op
    Lady Liberty Gets a BindiIn the last Jet Airways ad, the Statue of Liberty goes Gwen Stefani, circa 1996, on us.
  30. it happened this week
    Thinking Big Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s request to lay a wreath at ground zero was the unlikeliest wish in a week of ambitious schemes. Hillary Clinton took a second swing at universal health care, laying out a $110 billion program. Rudy Giuliani crossed the pond to London to rub shoulders with Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, and Gordon Brown, then suggested that Israel join nato. Dan Rather sued CBS for $70 million.
  31. in other news
    The British Are Coming! And They Expect to be Disappointed! According to a poll of British people, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square are two of the most disappointing tourist attractions in the world. On a list of the top ten most boring spots, they fall behind the Eiffel Tower and the Mona Lisa, both in Paris. We imagine if they didn’t inherently hate the French so much, the English would have ranked the two New York gems at the top of the list. We have two responses: (1) You’re never getting a street named after you now and (2) ahem, Stonehenge? Eiffel Tower Most Disappointing Tourist Spot [Daily Telegraph]
  32. the morning line
    The Thrilla in Albany • The battle royale between Joe Bruno and Eliot Spitzer — and maybe, a little bit, the Albany Times Union — continues to heat up. Now the embattled State Senate majority leader says he’ll activate a senate committee to investigate the guv — and start issuing subpoenas. [NYP] • Another week, another power outage: About 2,500 Upper East Siders lost their electricity again last night, this time after an underground fire. Blacking out 10021 twice in ten days can’t be good for business. [Reuters] • Turns out that while he was preparing to decamp the GOP, Mike Bloomberg was privately bombarding the state Republicans with messages of support — including pledges to back some Dem-targeted senators’$2 2008 campaigns. Now that’s triangulation. [NYT] • The new noise regulations have barely gone into effect, and already dozens of businesses have been busted — including a Mister Softee truck caught blasting the jingle in a residential area. [amNY] • And the Statue of Liberty is increasingly unlikely to make it onto the modern “seven wonders of the world” list currently being compiled. As the massive poll draws to a close with over 90 million votes cast, the poor green thing is languishing at the bottom, with the likes of the Kremlin and Stonehenge. [NYDN]