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  1. just asking questions
    ‘The Steele Dossier Was a Case Study in How Reporters Get Manipulated’There is a shady underworld of spies for hire whose objective is to spin the information received by the American public. Usually, it works.
  2. russia investigation
    Inspector General Finds Russia Investigation Wasn’t an FBI Witch HuntYes, Michael Horowitz says mistakes were made in pursuing a wiretap on Carter Page, but no political bias in investigating the Trump campaign.
  3. steele dossier
    Fusion GPS Lights a Candle for the ‘Pee Tape’The co-founders of the intelligence firm that commissioned the infamous Steele Dossier discuss their lives as Trump targets.
  4. trump impeachment
    Nunes to Sondland: Let’s Talk About My Conspiracy TheoriesGordon Sondland had some interesting testimony Republicans should have probed. Their top Intelligence Committee member preferred to rant and rave.
  5. russia investigation
    Cohen Again Denies He Made Prague Visit During Trump CampaignTrump’s legally imperiled fixer has ridiculed a new report claiming otherwise.
  6. 4 GOP Senators Call for Second Special Counsel to Investigate FBIRepublicans still suspect the FBI misused the Steele dossier, despite the dearth of evidence for that charge in Devin Nunes’s infamous memo.
  7. the national interest
    Carter Page Is a Very Strange Republican Choice for Martyr in the Russia ScandalThe GOP looks for its Alger Hiss, settles on shady goofball.
  8. Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Sues BuzzFeed, Fusion GPS Over Russia DossierThe defamation suits were announced just as BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith issued a public defense of the decision to publish the dossier in full.
  9. the national interest
    The Steele Dossier on Trump and Russia Is Looking More and More RealA key piece of evidence used to discredit the pee tape report is now under scrutiny.
  10. Trump and the GOP Are Running Against President Hillary ClintonNormally midterms are a referendum on the president. This president wants the focus to be on his vanquished 2016 opponent.
  11. As Manafort and Gates Arrested, Trump Doubles Down on Clinton-Russia ‘Scandal’Trump throws former aides under the bus and goes after HRC yet again.
  12. Clinton Campaign, DNC Helped Pay for the Steele DossierIt’s fodder for Trump’s claim that the Democrats invented the Russia scandal.