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Steny Hoyer

  1. politics
    Why Giving Marjorie Taylor Greene the Steve King Treatment Might Not WorkTaking her off committees is the new favored way of punishing the extremist Republican.
  2. d.c. statehood
    Congress to Vote on D.C. Statehood for the First Time in DecadesIt would likely take a Democratic Senate plus filibuster reform to become law, but the cause of making D.C. the 51st state remains alive.
  3. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: The Appeasement of Donald TrumpThe angry king is banking every concession and, empowered and emboldened, getting more aggressive and more power hungry.
  4. impeachment
    Elizabeth Warren Comes Out for ImpeachmentWhere Warren leads, will other candidates follow — and will House Democrats be taken where they have so far refused to go?
  5. mueller time
    Trump Deserves Impeachment. But Should the Democrats Do It?Yes, Mueller seems to have provided an “impeachment referral.” But it remains risky and perhaps unnecessary this close to the 2020 election.
  6. nancy pelosi
    Pelosi May Accept 4-Year Term Limit on SpeakershipIt’s mainly a face-saving measure for anti-Pelosi rebels who, at most, can keep her from serving as House Democratic leader well into her 80s.
  7. ‘Rigging’ Primaries Is Fine. Backing Bad Candidates Isn’t.It isn’t illegitimate for a party to put its weight behind the more “electable” candidate — but only if it can be trusted to know who that is.
  8. House Democratic Leaders Rally to Defend Their Illinois HereticDoes a Democratic “big tent” really require that deep blue districts continue to elect congressmen like the right-of-center Dan Lipinski?
  9. Rogue Democrats Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against TrumpThe move is in defiance of Democratic leadership.
  10. sequester
    Steny Hoyer Pissed About Airport BillWatch him yell on the House floor. 
  11. equal rites
    In Which We Take Partial Credit for Steny Hoyer’s Gay Marriage ConversionOur piece must have done it, we tell you.
  12. equal rites
    Top House Democrats Don’t Want You to Know Where They Stand on Gay MarriageIt’s not just Obama.
  13. important ceilings
    Joe Biden Shows Off His Famous Tact in the Tense Hours Before Debt-Ceiling VoteHe says that tea partiers in Congress have acted like “terrorists.”
  14. metaphorical ceilings
    Bill to Raise the Debt Ceiling FailsAs expected.
  15. metaphorical ceilings
    Why the Democrats Will Vote Against Raising the Debt Ceiling TonightIt’s all a big game.
  16. health carnage
    Democrats Will Finish This Endless Health-Care Thing on SundayDemocrats are now set to vote on Sunday.
  17. health carnage
    Does Obama Have a ‘Plan B’ or Not?What Obama will do if health-care reform fails.