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  1. Trump White House Reportedly Nixed Study Showing Benefits of RefugeesIt didn’t line up with their anti-immigrant ideology.
  2. Trump Administration Considers Cutting Refugee Cap to Lowest in DecadesAfter reducing the refugee quota to 50,000 in 2017, the Trump administration may go even lower in 2018.
  3. Could Trump Hold Dreamers Hostage for Border-Wall Funding?The administration may be forced by the courts to cancel protection for Dreamers. So it could be time for a grand bargain to get border-wall funding.
  4. Trump Aide Stephen Miller and CNN’s Jim Acosta Get Heated Over ImmigrationThe Statue of Liberty doesn’t mean what you think it does, Miller says.
  5. 780,000 Dreamers in Danger of DeportationTrump may be pushed by a lawsuit to keep his 2016 promise to kill DACA and deport Dreamers — or they could become a pawn for nativists in Congress.
  6. Trump Planning Steel Tariffs To the Horror of Most of His CabinetReturning to one of the “America First” preoccupations of his campaign, Trump is on the brink of imposing steel tariffs on China and other countries.
  7. Stephen Miller Writing Big Speech on Islam Trump Is Delivering in Saudi ArabiaIt’s a very bad idea for Donald Trump to presume to lecture Muslims about Islam. Involving his firebrand aide in that project is even worse.
  8. ideology
    The Duke Lacrosse Scandal and the Birth of the Alt-RightTen years later, the case looms large in U.S. political culture. For starters, it launched the careers of Richard Spencer and Stephen Miller.
  9. Trump’s Syria Strike Is Latest Sign of Steve Bannon’s Waning InfluenceTwo sources close to Bannon say he argued against the strike, on the grounds it didn’t serve America’s interests.
  10. Trump Team’s Words Could Sabotage the Second Travel Ban, Just Like the FirstThe revised order fixed a lot of legal problems—but the White House can’t fix the paper trail identifying it as an intended “Muslim ban.”
  11. White House Undermining Own Case for the Urgency of a Travel BanNext time Team Trump tells a court its immigration policies are a matter of immediate national security, its failure to stick to that story may hurt.
  12. When Will Trump Announce a Policy Agenda? Maybe Never.Trump has an opportunity to lay out a detailed policy agenda on February 28 to a joint session of Congress — which needs the guidance. But will he?
  13. What Is Stephen Miller’s Job, Anyway?The culprit in the travel-ban chaos seems to be this young policy adviser. But it’s hard to say why he’s in the position to do this kind of damage.
  14. Radicalizing American Politics Is Part of the Game Plan for Team TrumpSteve Bannon and company seem to see growing fear and anger on the left as a useful thing.