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  1. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: A Democracy DisappearsAmericans should watch what is happening in Hungary with a great deal of attention — and alarm about similar trends playing out at home.
  2. cable news news
    MSNBC Apologizes for Offensive Cinco de Mayo BitThe network has apologized.
  3. Edward Snowden Is a Huge NerdAn online trail includes anime, video games, and Dungeons & Dragons.
  4. ink-stained wretches
    Times’ Maureen Dowd Accused of Playing on Anti-Semitic StereotypesNot so, says the editorial page editor.
  5. stereotypes
    Now We Know Why Chuck Grassley Can’t Stop Watching the History ChannelHe needs to connect with constituents.
  6. stereotypes
    Park Slope Institution Evolves Oh-So-InevitablyIt’s like they’re daring us to mock them.
  7. ink-stained wretches
    A.G. Sulzberger Writes Note to Dad Asking If He Can Come Home YetAnd the New York ‘Times’ prints it!
  8. genX
    Gen-Xers Aren’t As Skilled at Slacking As They Could BeThose slackers.
  9. cold war kids
    Now Another Hedge Fund Is Accusing a Russian Employee of Stealing SecretsThis is getting ridiculous.
  10. in other news
    The ‘Observer’ Attempts to Part the GaysToday we learn that there are just two different types of young New York homosexual men — theater queens and everybody else.