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  1. on with kara swisher
    Walter Isaacson on Whether Elon Musk’s Ends Justify Being MeanKara Swisher talks to the Musk biographer about what he observed shadowing the billionaire, how Musk compares with Steve Jobs, and much more.
  2. what is elon musk?
    Musk and Trump and a Little Steve JobsThe characterological origins of Tony Stark.
  3. select all
    How Steve Jobs Faked His Way Through Unveiling the iPhoneTen years ago today, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone to the world — and nobody at Apple was sure if the phone would survive the demo.
  4. the disrupted
    Leon Wieseltier Teaming Up With Steve Jobs WidowIt will be a journal focusing on how technology affects our lives. 
  5. Steve Jobs Yelled at Tim Cook When Cook Offered to Donate His Liver“Steve only yelled at me four or five times during the 13 years I knew him, and this was one of them.”
  6. oh russia
    Russia Removed a Monument to Steve Jobs Because Tim Cook Is GayJobs is gay by association.
  7. bad apple
    Burglar Who Broke Into Steve Jobs’s House Gets Seven YearsKariem McFarlin will be spending some time in prison.
  8. ihype
    Apple Unveils iPhone 5 As World Falls to Knees in WorshipBOW DOWN.
  9. tech feuds
    Obama Makes Steve Jobs Ad Lib, Drops Google ReferenceSomeone’s really excited about the iPhone 5.
  10. guess who
    Guess Who Unknowingly Possessed an iPad Stolen From Steve Jobs’s HomeIs it …
  11. mystery illness
    Google CEO Larry Page Lost His VoiceHe says there’s “nothing seriously wrong.”
  12. paperwork
    Steve Jobs FBI File Now Public, Questions His ‘Honesty’ [Updated]He was apparently up for a job in the first Bush White House.
  13. technology
    Danger at Apple Factories in China Exposed AgainThe company’s labor practices don’t seem to be getting much better.
  14. technology
    Apple Did Just Fine Without Steve Jobs, iPhone 5The company reported huge profits from the first quarter without its co-founder.
  15. bons mots
    Steve Jobs’s Cryptic Final Words“OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.”
  16. steve jobs
    Here Is a Strangely Beautiful, Autumnal Steve Jobs TributePuns and produce get us verklempt.
  17. missed connections
    Steve Jobs Met His Biological Father Without Knowing ItRan a restaurant at the time.
  18. steve jobs
    Steve Jobs Warned Obama: You’re Gonna Be a One-TermerA few things to expect from Walter Isaacson’s forthcoming biography of the Apple founder.
  19. steve jobs
    Mike Daisey Hasn’t Forgotten About the Sins of Steve JobsIn last night’s premiere of ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs’, the monologuist talked about Apple’s dark side.
  20. steve jobs
    No One Knows What Apple Will Do NowBut everyone can guess.
  21. steve jobs
    Apple Stores Across NYC Turn Into Steve Jobs ShrinesSee the flowers, notes, and, yes, apples commemorating the inspiring inventor.
  22. books
    Steve Jobs Biography Coming Sooner, Flying Off the Digital ShelvesPublication has been moved up almost a month to October 24.
  23. the national interest
    Steve Jobs, Occupy Wall Street, and the Capitalist IdealThe misunderstanding that unites free market puritans on the left and the right.
  24. requiem
    One Last Thing: The Final Frontier of Steve JobsJobs’s legacy was built on imagination and invention. Death offers neither. But we still have his artifacts.
  25. steve jobs
    The World on Steve Jobs [Updated]Tributes on top of tributes.
  26. steve jobs
    Steve Jobs Has Died [Updated]At the age of 56.
  27. technology
    Apple Stock Dips As Tim Cook Announces iPhone 4S Instead of iPhone 5 [Updated]Tim Cook’s debut is an anticlimactic one.
  28. the internet
    Mark Zuckerberg Pulls a Steve Jobs, Announces New Facebook TimelineAfter an Andy Samberg cameo, a new, creepier Facebook profile.
  29. technology
    Apple Expected to Announce iPhone 5 on October 4New CEO Tim Cook will make his first star turn.
  30. how tweet it is
    Steve Jobs Is Still AliveCBS News made a mistake.
  31. onstage
    Monologuing Steve Jobs: Mike Daisey Explores the ‘Agony and Ecstasy’A critical two-hour piece will explore the human cost of Apple’s shiny gadgets.
  32. steve jobs
    Will Steve Jobs Leave a Philanthropic Legacy?He doesn’t have much of a record of charity to date.
  33. the future is coming
    Mark Zuckerberg Likes Steve Jobs NowInteresting timing.
  34. steve jobs
    Steve Jobs: American BusinessmanThe epitome of an endangered species.
  35. steve jobs
    Steve Jobs Resigns As Apple CEOApple’s co-founder bids farewell.
  36. technology
    Samsung Citing Stanley Kubrick in iPad Patent FightDid ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ invent the tablet?
  37. mind games
    Brooklyn Snubbed by Apple AgainMarty Markowitz is tired of this.
  38. apple
    Apple Announces iCloud ServiceIt’s free — as long as you buy music only through Apple.
  39. iphone therefore i am
    Apple Deigns to Explain Privacy Tracking So You Noobs Will Shut Up Already JeezAlso they blame a “bug.”
  40. stand clear of the closing doors
    Stand Clear of the Closing Thief-Hands on Your iPhoneHide your iPhone 4’s, hide your iPads.
  41. the future is coming
    Nobody Puts Steve Jobs’s Mobile Payment System in the CornerWell, except Larry Page.
  42. the future is coming
    Apple Stores Sold Out of the iPad 2 Within HoursMaster salesman Steve Jobs strikes again.
  43. the future is coming
    Heeeeeeeeeeeere’s Steve: Jobs Helps Apple Announce the iPad 2Is it the iPad 2? Is it? Tell me now!!
  44. the apple of our eye
    Apple’s Board Doesn’t Want You to Know What Happens In Case of a Steve Jobs EmergencyNone of your beeswax.
  45. the apple of our eye
    Steve Jobs Is Receiving Cancer Treatment at a Clinic in Stanford, According to the National EnquirerDoctors tell the ‘National Enquirer’ that his cancer appears terminal.
  46. monopoly money
    The New Robber Barons: Google and Apple Go the Way of Standard Oil [Updated]How the tech industry is like a game of Monopoly.
  47. the apple of our eye
    Steve Jobs Unleashes Apple’s Dreaded New Subscription PlanApple’s loss could be Google’s gain.
  48. the apple of our eye
    Apple Is Developing a Cheaper Line of Half-Size iPhonesBrava, Steve Jobs.
  49. the apple of our eye
    Vintage Steve Jobs: ‘Look at That, I’m on Television’The Apple co-founder’s first TV appearance ever.
  50. are you there google? it’s me margaret
    Google’s Android Wins the Smartphone Popularity ContestIs Jobs’s ego hurting Apple?
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