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  1. ipad therefore i am
    Playboy Catalogue Will Be Available on the iPad — UncensoredAt long last you will be able to make nearby commuters uncomfortable on the subway.
  2. the future is coming
    Does Today’s Stock Rally and Gonzo Earnings Mean Apple Can Thrive Without Steve Jobs?After a $20 billion dive, Apple closed the day down less than 2 percent.
  3. the future is coming
    Steve Jobs Takes a Medical Leave of Absence From Apple [Updated]The announcement was timed on a day when the stock market was closed.
  4. tablet-stained wretches
    The Daily Launch DelayedWe won’t see Rupert Murdoch’s tablet tabloid next Wednesday after all.
  5. white men with ipads
    In California, Steve Jobs Will Introduce the World to The DailyGet ready.
  6. the future is coming
    There’s Already a Way to Hack the Mac App StoreHow many people actually paid for those first million downloads?
  7. ipad therefore i am
    Rupert Murdoch’s Tablet Tabloid: How He Can Pull It OffCrunching the numbers and ideas behind News Corp.’s exciting new project.
  8. the future is coming
    Apple’s Face-Melting Revenues Come With a Note of Caution(Lots) mo’ money, (a few) mo’ problems.
  9. time machine
    Proof That Steve Jobs Was Once a More Humble ManRefutable proof.
  10. bons mots
    Fake Steve Jobs Has Some Thoughts on Apple’s Competition“We see RIM, in our rearview mirror, yelling at us to slow down.”
  11. app-stained wretches
    Steve Jobs, Journalism’s Editor-in-ChiefSteve Jobs isn’t afraid to tell you what he thinks of your iPad app.
  12. when technology attacks
    Newest Apple Patent: The Anti-Sextron 3000But those are among the public’s favorite SMS messages to send and receive!
  13. hollywood upgrades
    Real-Life Geeks and the Hollywood Stars Who Play ThemMark Zuckerberg isn’t the only techie to get the celluloid treatment.
  14. app-stained wretches
    If You Work for News Corp., It’s Probably Not a Good Idea to Cross Steve JobsRupert Murdoch is very fond of Apple’s CEO.
  15. muckrakers
    Steve Jobs to Enterprising College Journalist: ‘Please Leave Us Alone’Young journalist wins e-mail match versus powerful man.
  16. slideshow
    Sympathy for The Zuckerberg: Tech CEOs’ Youthful Indiscretions
  17. when technology attacks
    Steve Jobs: Secret Ninja Assassin? [Updated]Japan wouldn’t let Steve Jobs carry ninja throwing stars aboard his private jet.
  18. the future is coming
    Apple’s New App Store Guidelines: Vague, Casual, and Somewhat Menacing“If you run to the press and trash us, it never helps.”
  19. the future is coming
    Apple’s Fall Event Sounds Like a Steve Jobs SNL SketchSteve Jobs anticipates tech needs you haven’t even dreamed of.
  20. things that defy logic
    Playboy’s New iPad App Diverges From Its Primary Selling PointI.e., nudity.
  21. iphone therefore i am
    Steve Jobs Is Darth Vader NowAccording to yet another hilarious Taiwanese CGI creation.
  22. iphone therefore i am
    Apple Will Humor People Who Think There’s a Problem With the iPhone 4There is no problem, really, but they’re giving away free cases anyway.
  23. phone sex
    The Inevitable iPhone Video Sex Chat Services BeginOn Craigslist, of course.
  24. iphone therefore i am
    Apple Says to Stop Holding Your iPhone With Your Hand Like an IdiotWe thought Apple customers were supposed to be tech-savvy.
  25. iphone therefore i am
    What’s So Great About the New iPhone?A lot of things, which Steve Jobs detailed today.
  26. finder’s keepers
    Lost iPhone Is Bad News for Apple, Awesome for Nick DentonGizmodo paid $5,000 for the device.
  27. desperate pleas
    Marty Markowitz Wants an ‘Apple Store to Grow in Brooklyn’That’s why he made this goofy video message for Steve Jobs.
  28. boobal applications
    Apple Turns Into Bikini PoliceThey’ve taken dozens of mildly smutty apps off the App Store.
  29. the future of print
    Steve Jobs in Secret New York Meeting With Top Times ExecsAt an “intimate” gathering with Arthur Sulzberger and 50 colleagues at Pranna, the Apple CEO demonstrated his new iPad last night.
  30. apple
    Apple Introduces the iPad [Updated]Yep, that’s what they’re calling it.
  31. blog-stained wretches
    iJournalism: Why Even Steve Jobs Can’t Keep Secrets AnymoreWe know an awful lot about tomorrow’s big announcement.
  32. announcements
    January 27 Will Be a Big DayAn Apple announcement and the SOTU on the same day!
  33. in other news
    You Are Not On Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ Short ListBut we’re still rooting for you.
  34. geeky things
    Steve Jobs No-Show at Apple Worldwide Developers ConferenceBut new and improved iPhones and Macbooks made appearances.
  35. in poor taste
    Steve Jobs, Shrinking Along With the iPodThere may be another reason for the Apple founder’s weight loss.
  36. an apple a day
    Steve Jobs Cites ‘Hormone Imbalance’ for Public Absence, Apple Stocks Rise AgainHe’ll stay on as CEO during his recovery.
  37. company town
    Lehman Continues Staff Cuts1,500 more jobs were eliminated at the bank this week. Plus, the latest on Michael Phelps, JPMorgan, Steve Jobs, and more.
  38. company town
    Meredith Vieira Officially More Powerful Than Katie CouricAccording to ‘Forbes,’ at least. Plus, today’s real estate, law, media, and financial news.
  39. it just happened
    Steve Jobs Introduces the iPhone 3GTech types rejoice as a lighter, faster (and, let’s hope, cheaper) iPhone is announced today.
  40. gossipmonger
    Breaking: Someone Fancy Went to Mohegan Sun!Vanity Fair style arbiter Amy Fine Collins went to the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut. Central Park carriage owners responded to Pink’s animal-cruelty charges by deriding them as the “ignorant comments of a B-list pop star.” Nets chairman and real-estate developer Bruce Ratner is getting married to plastic surgeon Pamela Lipkin. At Sundance, Paris Hilton gave a lap dance to Jared Leto, David Katzenberg took pictures of his privates for girlfriend Nicky Hilton, Cisco Adler got into a shoving match, Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian made out, and Adrian Grenier lost his drumsticks. John Legend says he doesn’t get caught up with dating models and that he’s “more concerned with (his) happiness.”
  41. it happened this week
    Hitting the RoadAs a halfhearted cabbie strike made it easier to flag down a school bus than a yellow taxi during rush hour last week, the Big Apple did its best to keep moving forward. Hillary out-earned rivals Barack Obama and Rudy Giuliani in the city during the second quarter — and bested Rudy in a poll asking which candidate people would most like to have riding shotgun on a long road trip — but hit a speed bump trying to maintain her distance from former six-figure fund-raiser and felon Norman Hsu, who skipped out on bail.
  42. gossipmonger
    Clinton-Gore ‘48The Gores and the Clintons ran into each other at kiddie restaurant Mars 2112. Warner Bros. execs told Tim Burton to tone down the gore in his upcoming Sweeney Todd. (Perhaps he’ll be an only mildy disturbed barber?) Oprah is trying to get a woman to relocate her wedding because it is being held at a ranch that Oprah wants to reserve for guests attending her Obama fund-raiser. For some reason, ex-CNN anchor Paula Zahn kept a detailed diary of her affair with ContiGroup CEO Paul Fribourg. New York Rangers Sean Avery and Brendan Shanahan may star in hockey nut Mike Meyers’s upcoming movie. Bono’s duplex in the San Remo on Central Park West, once owned by Steve Jobs, may soon be for sale. Princess Diaries author Meg Cabot is setting her upcoming murder mystery at an NYU-like school.
  43. in other news
    Fake Steve Jobs Is Greedy, Outed, and at Work on a Fake Novel If you’re enough of a techie that the idea of a parody blog written from Steve Jobs’s point of view strikes you as rife with comic possibilities, well, you probably already know Fake Steve Jobs. And if you do, you’ve probably just read (while browsing the Times on your iPhone, no doubt) that the paper exposed the anonymous author of that blog — i.e. Fake Steve himself — as Daniel Lyons, a senior editor at Forbes. (“Hope you feel good about yourself, you mangina,” wrote Lyons to Times reporter Brad Stone in today’s you-got-me post — written in his own voice, not Steve’s.)
  44. company town
    Jeffrey Goldberg Wants a PonyMEDIA • Atlantic owner David Bradley sent ponies to Jeffrey Goldberg’s kids to help lure him away from The New Yorker. Seriously. [WP] • Just before the Dow Jones deal went through, the Bancrofts voted to double this quarter’s dividend for themselves [NYP] • Murdoch and Ailes’s next move? All-out war? (Wait, they’re not at war with everyone else already?) [Newsweek]
  45. in other news
    Problems for Apple? Ha! Oh, no, the Sun told us yesterday, the iPhone is a disaster, and Apple is in trouble! But then the company released third-quarter earnings, and, well: Oh, yes, the Journal tells us today, Apple’s earnings are a massive 73 percent, and the iPhone had little to nothing to do with it! Um, huh? Well, while Apple has made the gizmo of the moment its face of the moment, the truth is that it continues to rack up incredible revenues on good old Macs ($2.3 billion in sales, up from last year’s $1.87 billion) and iPods ($1.57 billion). Even better, the phone, which is also an iPod, isn’t even eating into the iPod sales. (The new data also defangs AT&T’s report of 146,000 iPhone activations between June 29 and July 1: Apple says it’s sold 270,000 units over that period.) In short, while bloggers were griping about the fallibility of the Jesus Phone, Jobs sold ‘em two Powerbooks, four Shuffles, and a Nano. And the best fringe benefit of the iPhone hype? Nobody is noticing the total floperoo that is AppleTV. Apple’s Old Standbys, iPods and Macs, Drive Profit [WSJ] Earlier: Is the iPhone a Failure? Maybe!
  46. gossipmonger
    iGreedySony chairman Howard Stringer called Steve Jobs “greedy” at the Allen & Co. conference. The main character of Doug Stumpf’s Confessions of a Wall Street Shoeshine Boy may be based on pervy billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise went to the Biography Bookstore in the West Village and then to Magnolia. Joe DiMaggio’s brother Dom is not pleased the Yankee Clipper’s diaries are for sale. Stone Phillips is leaving Dateline, and he bought his longtime assistant an Audi as a parting gift. Matt Damon wants Al Gore to run for president. Ashlee Simpson helped beau Pete Wentz conquer his fear of flying so Wentz could get to the Hamptons via seaplane. Democratic Leadership Council Chairman Harold Ford Jr. hung out with Jay-Z, Nas, and Kid Rock in Southampton. Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany brought their 4-year-old to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.
  47. it just happened
    Steve Jobs Wows the Faithful (But What About Those Options?) It’s a camera! It’s a phone! It’s an iPod! Yup, as has been widely expected Steve Jobs introduced Apple’s new iPhone — a next-generation smart phone — in his Macworld keynote address just a few minutes ago, and of course the nerds cheered. And he also introduced AppleTV, which allows users to integrate their computers and their televisions. The Apple CEO has an amazing flair for great products and better showmanship. But, as John Heilemann wonders in this week’s magazine, will the Cult of Jobs be enough to get him through a burgeoning options-backdating scandal? Steve Jobs’s Halo [NYM] iPhone Picture Gallery [Engadget]