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  1. the national interest
    Even Steve Mnuchin Refuses to Admit Biden Won the ElectionWhat it tells us when the most respectable Trumpist won’t refute the big lie.
  2. the economy
    GOP Admits That Handing Out Free Money Creates Jobs“By sending out checks, we’re putting money into the economy for people,” Steve Mnuchin said Wednesday, “which will have the impact of creating jobs.”
  3. money
    Steve Mnuchin, American WinnerThe Treasury Secretary embodies the plutocratic principle that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.
  4. conservatism
    Coronavirus Is Forcing the GOP to Admit Its Ideology Is DelusionalTrump’s DHS declares undocumented workers “essential,” while Steve Mnuchin scrambles to reconstruct the “administrative state.”
  5. bailouts
    The Small-Business Bailout Just Got a Lot BetterFirms with fewer than 500 employees can walk into any FDIC bank and collect enough money to cover eight weeks of payroll on Uncle Sam’s dime.
  6. donald trump
    Afraid of Trump Uproar, Steve Mnuchin Kicks Harriet Tubman $20 to 2028: ReportMnuchin blamed the wait on a security issue, but the New York Times reports that he may have delayed the Tubman bill to avoid a Trump tantrum.
  7. trump tax returns
    IRS Memo From 2018 Says Agency Must Release Trump Tax Returns: ReportThe 10-page memo states that the disclosure of tax returns to the Ways and Means Committee is “mandatory” unless Trump declares executive privilege.
  8. decorum
    Steve Mnunchin and Maxine Waters Butt Heads AgainIn an appearance regarding Trump’s tax returns, the Treasury secretary threw all his passive aggression at the California congresswoman.
  9. the national interest
    Trump Wants to Give the Wealthy Another Tax Cut, With No Vote in CongressCongress can’t pass another tax cut for the rich, but Trump doesn’t care.
  10. Trump Moves Ahead With Trade Sanctions Against ChinaIn what seems to be a negotiating tactic, the White House announced it was proceeding with tariffs and other trade restrictions until further notice.
  11. Mnuchin: Davos Is Not ‘a Hangout for Globalists’Coastal elites may sneer at the World Economic Forum — but real Americans love it when the global superrich fly to the Alps to hear TED Talks.
  12. the national interest
    Republicans: We’re Trying Not to Cut Taxes for the Rich, But It’s Too HardTheir goal was to stick it to their donors. But they can’t because of technical math issues. It’s complicated, you wouldn’t understand.
  13. the national interest
    Is Trump About to Trigger a Cabinet ‘Suicide Pact’?Implosion watch.
  14. If Price Is Fired, What About the Rest of Trump’s Private-Jet-Loving Cabinet?The president hinted that he might ax his embattled HHS secretary, but Mnuchin, Pruitt, and Zinke’s travel habits have come under scrutiny too.
  15. U.S. Sanctions Chinese and Russian Individuals and Firms With North Korea TiesA total of 16 companies and people have been targeted in the U.S.’s latest move to squeeze Pyongyang.
  16. McConnell: There’s ‘Zero Chance’ That Congress Fails to Raise Debt LimitStill, House conservatives are threatening to let America default on its debt, unless Democrats agree to massive spending cuts.
  17. We’re Grading Trump Like He’s a Montessori Kindergartener: Tax-Policy EditionThe Trump administration reportedly has “its act together on tax reform.” Also, its only idea for how to finance tax cuts is “blow out the deficit.”
  18. Treasury Secretary Sells Stake in Production Company That Made Entourage MovieFounded with an Australian billionaire and Brett Ratner, the company was also behind Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad.
  19. Remember Trump’s Promise Not to Touch Social Security? It’s Gone NowSteve Mnuchin quietly backs away from a famous Trump position.
  20. Mnuchin: Our Tax Cuts for the Rich Are Not About Cutting Taxes for the RichTrump’s Treasury Secretary needs to get way better at lying about tax cuts.
  21. Trump Mulls Rollback of Obama’s Crackdown on Corporate Tax AvoidanceTrump’s new nationalist motto: “Buy American, Hire American, But Feel Free to Relocate Overseas for Tax Purposes.”
  22. White House Says Tax Reform Will Be Delayed Because of Trumpcare FailureTrump’s Treasury secretary says the president will not meet his August deadline for tax reform, “because of the healthcare.”
  23. Steven Mnuchin: I Wasn’t Endorsing Lego Batman When I Endorsed Lego BatmanAfter ethics complaints, the Treasury secretary is walking back his suggestion that people go see the movie he produced.
  24. Treasury Secretary Compliments Trump’s ‘Perfect Genes’Steve Mnuchin, in a possible ethics violation, also encouraged people to go see Lego Batman, which he produced.
  25. Yet Another Goldman Sachs Banker Is Headed for the Trump AdministrationWall Street sees Deputy Treasury Secretary nominee Jim Donovan as a check on Steve Bannon’s economic nationalism.
  26. Entourage Movie Producer Steve Mnuchin Confirmed As Treasury SecretaryThe Goldman Sachs and hedge-fund vet has been dubbed the “foreclosure king.”
  27. Republicans Buck Boycott, Vote for Price and Mnuchin Without Democrats PresentAfter a Democratic boycott, Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee changed the rules so they could advance the cabinet nominees by themselves.
  28. Senate Democrats Boycott Votes on Two of Trump’s Key Cabinet NomineesAfter misleading statements from Trump’s picks — and mass protests in blue America — Democrats are in the mood for obstruction.
  29. government gazillionaires
    The Billionaires (and Mega-Millionaires) Trump Wants in His CabinetPopulism has seldom been so rich. A nominee dossier.
  30. Mnuchin’s Hearing Sparks Arguments About Tax Havens, Foreclosures, and ValiumKey moments from the confirmation hearing of Trump’s nominee for Treasury Secretary.
  31. Trump’s Treasury Pick Is Ripe for a Public Shaming From Elizabeth WarrenA bank run by Steve Mnuchin broke foreclosure laws, according to a leaked report. Expect hard questions at his confirmation hearing.
  32. Trump’s Treasury Pick Says His Tax Cut Won’t Benefit the ‘Upper Class’Last month, the Tax Policy Center found that Trump’s plan would give the top 0.1 percent an average tax break of 14 percent.
  33. Trump Taps Steve Mnuchin for Treasury SecretaryThe populist president names a former Goldman Sachs partner — who is also the son of a Goldman Sachs partner — to his cabinet.