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  1. fix the debt
    The Fixers: How Fix the Debt Won Over Wall Street and Built a Fiscal Cliff ArmyAn exclusive look inside the biggest movement in business.
  2. white men with money
    Obama and Wall Street: Where’s the Love Now?Obama’s in town to woo The Street. On whom will his wiles work?
  3. smelling a rattner
    Rattner’s Quadrangle to Go Out, Phoenix-StyleThe firm will change names and leadership in the coming weeks, according to the ‘Post.’
  4. smelling a rattner
    SEC, Cuomo Hit Steven Rattner in Legal Three-Way AttackFormer car czar settles with SEC, vows to fight Attorney General’s “politically motivated” action.
  5. car talk
    Larry Summers Explains the Auto Bailout With Crazy Vietnam AnalogiesA White House tell-all reveals that the people who run the country have big egos.
  6. tarpies
    Tim Geithner: Prone to ‘Odd Fits of Giggling’The auto industry gives Tim Geithner the giggles.
  7. media metamorphoses
    So Who Is Going to Bid for Newsweek Tomorrow?And how much will they offer to pay?
  8. white men with money
    Notes From the Ira Sohn Conference: Everyone CriedExcept David Tepper and Sam Zell, who are perhaps too rich to cry.
  9. white men with money
    Today’s Ira Sohn Conference: Who Will Cry?Bill Ackman, or the recipient of David Einhorn’s annual smackdown?
  10. in other news
    Steve Rattner, Reuters, Politico Interested in Newsweek?Some potential buyers are showing interest in the struggling magazine.
  11. oh albany!
    Comptroller DiNapoli Is Dragged Into Hevesi State Pension-Fund ScandalThe current comptroller was at a key — and potentially damning — meeting.
  12. white men with money
    Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Book Party Was Filled With CEOs, Warts and AllAnd we were there.
  13. gossipmonger
    Natalie Portman Did Not Hook Up With Sean PennYou can all sleep again.
  14. white men with money
    Quadrangle Investors to Decide Future Commitments TodayWith all that’s going on regarding the group’s past, its future is in doubt.
  15. crimes of the art
    The Trailer for Chooch ArrivethThis film is magical.
  16. early and often
    Car Czar Steven Rattner Has a Grim ViewLiterally.
  17. in other news
    Steve Rattner, the Saddest Little Billionaire on Fifth AvenueSteve Rattner has one of the most fabulous apartments in Manhattan, a growing private-equity fund, and highly placed allies in the Democratic Party. So what more does he want?
  18. company town
    Jason Pomeranc to Take Credit for Turning Lower East Side Into Meatpacking DistrictThe hotelier says that his new Thompson Lower East Side hotel will signal the “coming-of-age” of the hood. Plus the latest in finance, law, and media news.
  19. it happened this week
    It Happened This Week: Striking BackHillary Clinton hit Barack Obama on Reverend Jeremiah Wright even as critics slammed her for fibbing about Bosnian sniper fire, Sean Combs smacked down rumors that he was involved with Tupac’s shooting, and other events of the week that was.
  20. in other news
    Steve Rattner Declares Times Co. Safe A Reuters item from this morning that’s worth not overlooking: NEW YORK (Reuters) — New York Times Co. investors should not expect the Sulzberger family to change the way it runs the company despite pressure to scrap its dual-class share structure, a close adviser to the publisher said on Wednesday. “There’s no possibility of it changing,” Quadrangle Group managing principal Steven Rattner told the Reuters Hedge Funds and Private Equity Summit. “I don’t think this is a situation where you’re going to find some surprise ending to the story.” That’s Steve Rattner, former Times reporter, billionaire media financier, and Arthur Sulzberger’s best friend, declaring that the kvetching of Hassan Elmasry & Co. notwithstanding, the Sulzbergers, who control the Times Co. and can’t be forced to change its stock structure or take it private unless they want to do so, don’t want to do so. We suspect he knows of what he speaks. Times Won’t Change Structure: Adviser [Reuters] Earlier: A Brief Rant Occasioned By Talk of a Potential Takeover Attempt at the New York Times Co.