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Steve Schmidt

  1. the power trip
    Steve Schmidt’s Lonely WarThe political operative shares 14 years’ worth of grievances. He swears he’s never been happier.
  2. early and often
    Steve Schmidt Announces Breakup With Meghan McCainSo what if the former John McCain strategist and the late senator’s daughter reportedly haven’t spoken in 14 years?
  3. early and often
    Steve Schmidt Goes to War With the McCain FamilyAfter attacking Meghan McCain for being a spoiled brat, he writes that her father lied to the voting public about an affair.
  4. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin to Campaign Staff: Fix It!More acrimonious campaign infighting revealed!
  5. equal rites
    Steve Schmidt Calls Out GOP on ‘Becoming a Religious Party’But this time his blows are aimed at Republicans.
  6. early and often
    ‘Times Magazine’ to Get Behind McCain Campaign NarrativesComing this Sunday, an in-depth story on the McCain campaign that some are calling the first ‘postmortem.’
  7. early and often
    Campbell Brown Calls Out McCain Campaign for ‘Sexist’ Barrier Between Sarah Palin and the MediaBy overprotectively shielding Palin from the media, the McCain campaign is sending the message that the women in this election aren’t as tough as the men, complains the CNN anchor.
  8. instant politics
    Ken Layne and Ben Smith on Being ‘In the Tank’ and Why McCain’s So ResilientWonkette’s Ken Layne and Politico’s Ben Smith discuss the McCain campaign’s accusation that Smith is “in the tank,” the possibility of Henry Paulson and Chris Dodd taking over the country, and the proliferation and pitfalls of political blogs.
  9. early and often
    McCain’s War Against the Gray Lady: A TimelineYesterday’s outburst from the McCain camp against the paper of record, in which strategist Steve Schmidt called the ‘Times’ ‘150 percent in the can for Obama,’ is far from the first skirmish between the two. Here’s a guide to everything that’s gone sour between the paper and the campaign in 2008.
  10. early and often
    Ever Hawkish, McCain Campaign Declares War on PressAnd the declaration itself was, naturally, rife with distortions.
  11. the spin game
    Let’s Play the Spin Game!We ask you to try and predict how the McCain camp will spin Sarah Palin’s ‘Bush Doctrine’ flub into a positive.
  12. early and often
    McCain Campaign Could Give a Damn What Heart Has to Say About AnythingIf Steve Schmidt wants to play ‘Barracuda,’ he will play ‘Barracuda.’
  13. early and often
    John Kerry Finds His Voice in Time to Share Dem Spotlight With Bill ClintonWith effective, incendiary speeches, Clinton and Kerry stoke the Dem flames and warm up the convention for Obama’s address tonight.
  14. early and often
    John McCain’s New Strategist Basically a DickLoads of colorful anecdotes about the personality of the man McCain affectionately calls “Sgt. Schmidt,” some of which would make even Machiavelli cringe.
  15. early and often
    McCain Shakes Up Campaign, Running for Real NowSo with all of his problems definitely behind us, what can we expect from the new and improved McCain campaign?