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  1. the greatest depression
    Sun Crosses World, Leaving Economic Wreckage in Its WakeAsian markets fell in massive selloffs, followed by European markets. And guess who’s next?
  2. It Was InevitableAnd we can’t believe we didn’t think of it first. A Tumblr blog called ‘Sad Guys on Trading Floors’? Come on!
  3. the greatest depression
    Stocks Plunged Despite Rate-Cut Promises by Bernanke, and AIG Execs Went on Posh VacationThe Dow lost 200 points in the last hour of trading alone today. But not everybody has been having a bad couple of weeks! Somebody got a MANICURE.
  4. the greatest depression
    Fed Announces Intervention in Commercial Paper Market, Stocks BoostedThis morning the Fed said it would create a ‘special purpose vehicle’ to buy up commercial paper, giving the markets confidence.