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  1. the high life
    Ambling Through America’s Most Stoned SuburbsA very chill week spent at very high Bible studies, softball games, and dinner parties.
  2. stoners
    Support for Weed Legalization Outpacing Support for Gay MarriageWeed and gay marriage in one graph. 
  3. stoners
    Brooklyn Weed Fairy Now Sprinkling Weed on Homeless Subway PeopleBut how long will this last?
  4. stoners
    Mysterious Weed Fairy Attaching Small Bags of Weed to Flyers Around BrooklynBanksy who?
  5. the racie for gracie
    Bill de Blasio Not Necessarily Super High in College Yearbook PhotoTake a look. 
  6. stoners
    One Woman’s Search for the Perfect Weed-Delivery Guy“I think about him from time to time. He was the one that got away.”
  7. the racie for gracie
    Three Candidates for Mayor Claim to Have Never Smoked Weed in Their Entire LivesKind of a red flag, isn’t it?
  8. stoners
    Ad Argues That Marijuana Is Better Than Beer in Pretty Much Every WayIt will play at a NASCAR event 72 times this weekend. 
  9. stoners
    Tamerlan Tsarnaev Was a Stoner, TooLike brother, like brother. 
  10. In Which Al Franken Implies That Patrick Leahy Is Stoned“I know the chairman is a Deadhead.”
  11. stoners
    Obama Won’t Fight Legal Pot, But Doesn’t Quite Support It“We’ve got bigger fish to fry,” he told Barbara Walters.
  12. stoners
    American Judo Star Sent Home From Olympics After Eating Weed, Uh, AccidentallyThis has never happened to anyone in real life.
  13. stoners
    Would-be Maine Gunman Would Like Some Weed, PleaseHe said this during an interrogation with the ATF. 
  14. zombie nation
    The Miami Cannibal Was High on … Weed?Not bath salts, according to the toxicology report.
  15. things that happened a long time ago
    Barack Obama Was a Stoner BullyAccording to a new book, he used to grab joints out of turn and yell “Intercepted!”
  16. stoners
    Amsterdam Just Plummeted on Your Bucket ListAmsterdam is about to get a lot less attractive to millions of people. 
  17. stoners
    Mitch McConnell Pretty Sure Marijuana Will Kill YouHis unintentionally hilarious letter to a constituent.
  18. stoners
    Study Finds That Years of Smoking Weed Actually Kind of Increases Lung FunctionDefinitely sounds like a threat to society, this plant. 
  19. stoners
    The Ten Best Lines From the Would-Be Obama Assassin’s Video ManifestoHe talks a lot about guardian angels and weed.
  20. stoners
    Obama Administration Responds to Petitions Calling for Legalization of MarijuanaAnd it has decided that, no, it will not do that.
  21. stoners
    Marijuana Should Be Legal, Majority of Americans Now BelieveThis is the first time that has ever happened.
  22. stoners
    Internet People Really Want President Obama to Legalize MarijuanaWill Obama respond?
  23. stoners
    Brooklyn Moms Now Need to Get High Just to Play With Their KidsTrend piece!
  24. stoners
    Pothead Arrested for Asking a Perfectly Reasonable Question“I was just growing some marijuana, and I was just wondering how much trouble you can get in for one plant.”
  25. stoners
    Stoners Really Want Obama to Say Some Not-Belittling Things About Pot [Updated]But he won’t agree with legalization.
  26. surprise!
    Televangelist Who Blames Hurricanes on Abortion Also Has Some Pretty Progressive Views on Marijuana PolicyDon’t ever try to predict what Pat Robertson will say next.
  27. white men with money
    George Soros Turning Against Obama?“If this president can’t do what we need, it is time to start looking somewhere else.”
  28. stoners
    Prop 19 Opposition Says Legalizing Marijuana Won’t Be Back On the Ballot In 2012A “no” on Prop 19 in the midst of a Democratic victory doesn’t bode well for seeing another vote.
  29. white men with money
    George Soros Thinks This Could Be the Year the Female Condom Takes OffThe billionaire hedge-fund manager might have been disappointed by yesterday’s vote on pot, but is pinning his hopes on the FC2.
  30. stoners
    An Examination of Whether Zach Galifianakis Smoked Pot on Live TVHe smoked something, that’s for sure.
  31. stoners
    George Soros: Legalize ItThe billionaire philanthropist lays out his reasons for why Prop 19 is a good idea.
  32. stoners
    The Justice Department Is Not Okay With California Smoking WeedIt intends to enforce federal law even if California legalizes marijuana.
  33. stoners
    Will Stoners Save the Democrats?Why marijuana decriminalization could be the gay marriage of 2010.
  34. todd-al domination
    Chuck Todd: StonerOur favorite goateed newsman has tried that thing with Pink Floyd and ‘The Wizard of Oz’ so many times.
  35. stoners
    New Yorkers Want to Get High and Forget About Their Dysfunctional GovernmentMedical marijuana gets high marks.
  36. dude
    Federal Government to Stop Harshing on Your HighPeople using medical marijuana legally in their states will be able to light up unfettered by Uncle Sam.
  37. stoners
    Is the Bronx Terror Plot Good for Stoners?The group’s ringleader was a pothead, but that might not be a bad thing.