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Stop Online Piracy Act

  1. politics
    PIPA Vote Postponed in Senate [Updated]Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has granted Internet activist’s their biggest victory yet.
  2. the internet
    Anonymous Fights Back for Megaupload and Its Strange Founder Kim DotcomThe copyright case against the file-sharing service fired up the web’s mischief-makers.
  3. the internet
    Megaupload Shut Down by FBI [Updated]One of the Internet’s largest file-sharing services was seized today as seven employees were indicted.
  4. technology
    What Did the Internet Blackout Against SOPA and PIPA Accomplish?Some lawmakers actually changed their minds!
  5. technology
    Anti-Piracy Bills in Congress Are Not Dead YetSOPA is delayed, but PIPA rolls on.
  6. the internet
    Copyright Bill’s Author Proves SOPA Would Be Hard to ObeyEven the lawmaker has violated the law.