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  1. corruption
    Democrats Demand Wilbur Ross Resign in Latest Sharpiegate TwistThe Commerce Secretary reportedly threatened NOAA employees for not sufficiently backing Trump.
  2. weather
    Everything We Know About Hurricane DorianAfter devastating the Bahamas, the Category 2 storm is moving up the East Coast, pounding the Carolinas with heavy rain and strong winds.
  3. weather
    Trump ‘Not Sure’ He’s Even Heard of a Category 5 HurricaneLast year, a Category 5 storm devastated the Florida Panhandle. This year, Trump says he’s not sure he’s even heard of them.
  4. 2018 midterms
    Storms Could Rain on Election Day ParadeIn states with lots of early voting, storms might not matter so much politically. But in big parts of the South and Midwest, look out!
  5. extreme weather
    Hurricane Michael Decimates Florida PanhandleOne person is dead after the historically strong storm ripped through the Gulf Coast.
  6. hurricane florence
    Florence: Already-Catastrophic Floods Are Going to Get Even WorseWaterways throughout the Carolinas are being overwhelmed by the storm’s record rainfall, 17 people are dead, and more water is coming.
  7. Trump and Pence Praise FEMA, Ignore Puerto RicoDespite the thousands of people who died during and after Hurricane Maria, Trump and Pence are proud of FEMA.
  8. This Is 2016’s Biggest Storm (So Far)Super Typhoon Meranti is logging winds at 185 miles per hour.
  9. Bad-Luck Cruise Ship Can’t Catch a Break, Cuts Another Trip ShortHeaded back to Bayonne, after another storm and norovirus outbreak. 
  10. Whose Fault Is the Enormous Pile of Slush at the Curb?Nobody has jurisdiction here.
  11. extreme weather
    Weakened Hurricane Patricia Mostly Spares Mexico, Now a Tropical DepressionSo far no deaths or major damage have been reported, but the risk of flooding and mudslides remains high. 
  12. talking about the weather
    Storm Damages Brooklyn Bridge, Lights Up New York SkylineThe usual mix of terrifying and pretty.
  13. talking about the weather
    Nor’easter Could Make Pre-Thanksgiving Travel Even More Difficult Than Usual“Massive flight delays” are expected.
  14. man vs. nature
    Greenwich Was Powerless in the Face of a Single TreeA black locust felled by Sunday’s storm left the entire Connecticut suburb without electricity for hours.
  15. twisters
    Massive Tornado Kills 89 in MissouriAnother day of deadly weather in the Midwest.
  16. storms
    Death Toll From Southeastern Storms Rises to 44More than 100 twisters have been spotted.
  17. weather
    Did Anybody Notice That the Weather Over New York Just Went All Ghostbusters on Us?Seriously: The sky hasn’t turned black like that since Zuul was hanging out on top of 55 Central Park West.
  18. snow
    Snow is Coming. . . For Real This TimeUp to ten inches (!!) predicted for Wednesday.
  19. intel
    Isn’t It Always Best When It Snows at Night?And when it snows far worse down in D.C. than it does here?