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  1. screen time
    The Streaming Era Pauses for an Ad BreakHow Netflix — and everyone else — learned to love commercials again.
  2. streaming
    8tracks’ David Porter Explains How the Streaming Industry Has ChangedA lot has shifted, but venture-capital aspirations and royalty rates remain as lofty as ever.
  3. tech boot camp
    How to Kick Former Friends Off Your Streaming AccountsPassword mooching is an epidemic. Luckily, you have the power to stop it.
  4. buyer’s market
    Disney+: Don’t Call It Unbundling. Call It Rebundling.Think of Disney’s growing family of streaming apps like you did your old cable package, with the option for various add-ons.
  5. tech boot camp
    How to Build Your Own Personal Streaming ServiceWith streaming overload on the horizon, it might just be easier to build your own digital media library.
  6. streaming
    Twitch Star Ninja Quits Twitch for Microsoft MoneyOne of Fortnite’s biggest celebrities is jumping ship and joining forces with Microsoft instead.
  7. shiver me timbers
    Piracy Is BackThere are too many streaming services. Something’s gotta give.
  8. streaming
    Spotify Is Testing a Social Listening FeatureThe new functionality hearkens back to the days of Turntable.fm.
  9. yell world
    Why Everyone Is Yelling at Their Phones for FunThanks to screen-recording features on iOS and social media platforms, the game you play by yelling at your phone has had a surprise resurgence.
  10. video games
    The Best Thing About Google’s New Gaming Platform Is Also the WorstGoogle’s game-streaming platform’s close ties to YouTube could create a feedback loop that bodes ill for game developers and fans.
  11. select all
    Amazon Prime Video Finally Arrives on Apple TVIt’s so heartwarming when two massive companies can get along.
  12. select all
    One Way to Avoid Copyright Holders: Pretend It’s a Video GameOne Twitch streamer found an ingenious work-around.
  13. select all
    The World’s Hottest Video Game Is Home to the Best Pranks OnlineIt’s called stream honking.
  14. select all
    How to Watch Former FBI Director James Comey Testify Before the SenateGet yourself a livestream link and tune in.
  15. select all
    What’s Stopping Apple From Making the Apple TV GreatWhy “pretty good” isn’t good enough for Apple if it wants to take over the living room.
  16. select all
    The Death of What.cd and the End of Music TorrentingThe days of firing up a BitTorrent client to grab an album are over and done with.
  17. select all
    One Problem With Live Football on Twitter: Is It Actually Live?Precognitive tweets from fans spoiled last night’s NFL experiment.
  18. select all
    Fans Are Trying to Pay Nelly’s Back Taxes by Playing His Music 287 Million TimesIf we all pull together, we can save Nelly from the IRS.
  19. select all
    Netflix Glitch Recommends Slasher Flicks to Rom-Com FansAccording to Netflix, V for Vendetta is about sports and The Lovely Bones is a comedy.
  20. Billion-Dollar Video-Game-Streaming Industry Has Its First Big Payola ScandalCounter-Strike pros were secretly in league with the gambling sites they promoted.
  21. Why Spotify Should Be Very, Very Afraid of Apple MusicA company with $178 billion in cash can do things other competitors in this crowded space can’t.
  22. the future is coming
    Phase One of Amazon’s Plan to Destroy Netflix Is Now CompleteAmazon is starting to offer unlimited video streaming.