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Stuck In The Middle

  1. stuck in the middle
    Mitt Romney to Let Evander Holyfield Hit Him in Charity Boxing MatchHe just realized watching people hit each other is more fun than listening to speeches.
  2. stuck in the middle
    Romneys Happy to Be Off Campaign ‘Roller Coaster,’ Still Like Each OtherChecking in with America’s awkward rich uncle.
  3. stuck in the middle
    Romney Goes on Offensive, Accuses Obama of Political CronyismWill America find talk of political payoffs as exciting as Swiss bank accounts?
  4. stuck in the middle
    Maryland Teens Reenact Romney Haircutting Prank During ParadeIt cuts deep.
  5. stuck in the middle
    Philosophical Teachings of George Costanza Continue to Influence Romney CampaignRomney will “do the opposite” of Obama on Israel, too. 
  6. stuck in the middle
    Romney’s Official iPhone App Is a Literal Gaffe MachineRomney is running for president of some place called “Amercia.”
  7. stuck in the middle
    Study: Romney’s ‘Religion Problem’ Is OverblownIn fact, information about his Mormon faith may be beneficial.
  8. stuck in the middle
    #RomneyCodeName: Finding a Secret Service Moniker for Mitt RomneyReducing Romney to a code name.