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    Biden Reiterates Opposition to Forgiving $50,000 in Student DebtAt a town hall, Biden said he favors forgiving $10,000 of everyone’s student debt but only through an act of Congress.
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    Bernie’s Student Debt Plan Doesn’t Make Sense. Which Is Fine.Forgiving all student debt wouldn’t be a maximally progressive allocation of limited resources. But nothing Congress does ever is.
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    Robert Smith’s Morehouse Gift Is More Generous Than His VisionThe billionaire’s donation of $40 million to pay off the debt of Morehouse grads was a noble act of charity. But charity is not justice.
  4. Would It Be Regressive to Cancel Everyone’s Student Debt?Forgiving all student debt would be a boon to the privileged. That doesn’t mean progressives shouldn’t promote the idea.
  5. Trump’s Student Debt Policies Are Mind-bogglingly CorruptThe government’s student-loan watchdog just resigned after realizing that Trump is committed to helping sham colleges fleece students and taxpayers.
  6. This Democratic Senator Has a Plan to Make College Debt-Free for AllIf Brian Schatz’s vision is fully implemented, every American would have the option of pursuing a college degree without going into debt.
  7. We Must Cancel Everyone’s Student Debt, for the Economy’s SakeFor the price of Trump’s tax cuts, the government could wipe out all student debt — and increase economic growth by $860 billion.
  8. 18 States Sue Betsy DeVos for Refusing to Enforce Student-Loan ProtectionsThe Education secretary is blocking new rules that would make it easier for students defrauded by for-profit colleges to have their debts forgiven.
  9. Unpaid Student Debt Is Already Pushing Seniors Into PovertyTo collect on student-loan debt, the government reduced the Social Security checks of 114,000 Americans last year.
  10. Trump Stumbles on Good Idea: Take Away Harvard’s Tax BreaksThe Republican nominee suggests wealthy universities should have to pay taxes on their endowments.
  11. Hillary Clinton Embraces Free Public College (for the Non-Wealthy)Clinton’s new plan would provide free tuition at public colleges for students from families that make under $125,000 a year. Bernie Sanders is pleased.
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    Protesting Student Debt With Astra TaylorThe anti-debt activist (and indie-rock guitarist and documentary filmmaker) goes to Washington.
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    Cooper Union Protesters Leave President’s Office, Mostly of Their Own AccordEncouraged by summer, threat of arrest.
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    The Cooper Union President’s Office Has Been InvadedA sit-in to defend free tuition.
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    Liberal Arts Degrees Probably Aren’t Worth the Student DebtSorry, ethnomusicologists!