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  1. what we know
    Biden Touts $1.2 Billion in Student Loan Relief With Eye to 2024
    What to Know About the New Student-Loan-Forgiveness PlansBiden’s relief measures and proposals are good news for borrowers — if you can figure out their looming deadlines and complexity.
  2. politics
    Some Student-Loan Borrowers Get a Nice SurpriseThose eligible for loan forgiveness under the SAVE plan will have their balances cleared in February, months ahead of schedule.
  3. student debt
    Student Debtors Deserve More From Their GovernmentAfter a three-year pause, loan repayments are back with a vengeance. Biden can — and should — do more.
  4. student loans
    Biden’s Student-Loan Forgiveness Program Just Got Even BiggerMore than $116 billion in federal student loans has been forgiven, about the size of SNAP benefits or two Justice Departments.
  5. the national interest
    The Last Republican PoliticianCan John Roberts stave off a Democratic assault on the Supreme Court?
  6. liveblog
    Fallout From SCOTUS Affirmative Action, Student-Loan Decisions: Live UpdatesWe’re tracking the news and commentary regarding the controversial decisions and what impact they may have.
  7. supreme court
    The Supreme Court Can’t Kill Student-Loan ReliefThe ruling today knocked down just one part of the White House’s federal debt-relief plan, but what’s left will be bigger than any onetime amnesty.
  8. exhibit a
    The Supreme Court’s Conservatives Change the Rules of the GameTwo major end-of-term decisions show that John Roberts’s pledge to just call “balls and strikes” was disingenuous.
  9. the money game
    Enjoy Your Last Days of Not Paying Student LoansIt’s been more than three years since they were due. A lot has changed.
  10. student loans
    Why the Supreme Court Might Uphold Student-Debt ReliefAlso, why it may not.
  11. early and often
    Biden’s Student-Debt Forgiveness Plan Gets Held Up by Appeals CourtThe Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has temporarily blocked the Biden administration from discharging any of the debts until at least next week.
  12. student loans
    The War on Student-Debt Forgiveness BeginsRepublican-led states sue over Biden’s plan to free millions of people.
  13. early and often
    It Took Joe Biden, Career Centrist, to Cancel Student DebtProgressives forced him to make a previously radical campaign promise, and delivering on even some of it is a huge win for the left.
  14. the picket line
    An Act of Mercy Ignites the Class WarElites are outraged over Biden’s student-debt cancellation.
  15. student loans
    Biden’s Student-Loan Forgiveness Is Good. It Could Have Been Revolutionary.Some federally held student-loan debt is being forgiven, which will be life-changing for many people. Meanwhile, a predatory system remains in place.
  16. student loans
    Biden Searches for the Political Sweet Spot on Student-Loan Debt ReliefHis long-overdue promises to provide loan forgiveness are colliding with fiscal realities and differences of opinion between generations.
  17. politics
    Thanks for Freezing Student Loan Payments. Now Cancel the Debt.The president can’t evade this problem forever.
  18. student debt
    Biden Administration Extends Student Loan Payment Freeze to January 2022The Biden administration extended the pause on payments, which was set to expire at the end of September. It’s expected to be the final extension.
  19. coronavirus stimulus
    Stimulus Talks Have Become a Huge MessAs bipartisan stimulus talks break down, Trump moves toward highly controversial executive orders that will invite court challenges.
  20. student loans
    U.S. Marshals Are Arresting People in Texas Who Have Outstanding Student LoansAs if those loans weren’t scary enough already. 
  21. oh congress!
    In Rare Bipartisan Move, House Passes Student Loan BillDon’t get used to it.
  22. oh congress!
    Congress Wasted Some More Time TodayOn student loans.
  23. student loans
    Boehner Announces Student Loan Interest VoteRepublicans want to pay for it out of Obama’s health-care fund.
  24. school daze
    Liberal Arts Degrees Probably Aren’t Worth the Student DebtSorry, ethnomusicologists!
  25. early and often
    Bill Clinton Warns About the Republican Plan to Make College UnaffordableHe’s also very charismatic.
  26. liberal farts
    Generation Smug“There’s a generational shift toward increasing interest and concern into how to help make the world a better place,” says one college president. Really.