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  1. screen time
    A Better Way to Think About Young Kids and Screen TimeA new study correlates early-childhood device use with developmental delays. Is it the screens? Or what they’re replacing?
  2. the economy
    New Study Finds a High Minimum Wages Creates JobsConventional wisdom had long suggested the opposite.
  3. covid-19
    Herd Immunity May Be Out of Reach — But Normality Is in SightThe virus may keep circulating indefinitely, but the vaccines appear robust enough to turn all COVID variants into minor ailments.
  4. inequality
    Study: Inequality Robs $2.5 Trillion From U.S. Workers Each YearIf America’s level of income inequality had remained constant since 1970, the median U.S. worker would now make $100,000 a year.
  5. vision 2020
    Voters Are Turning Against Trump in Places Hit Hard by COVID-19A new study confirms the president is paying a political price for presiding over mass death.
  6. coronavirus
    Here’s the Latest Good (and Bad) News About the CoronavirusHumans may not retain long-term immunity to COVID-19. But if we do, there’s reason to think we’re closer to herd immunity than we’d thought.
  7. coronavirus
    Prominent Study Showing Severe Hydroxychloroquine Risk Is RetractedThe influential medical journal The Lancet pulled its paper asserting that the drug was associated with higher mortality in coronavirus patients.
  8. coronavirus
    7 Bits of Good News About the Coronavirus (and 7 Bits of Bad News)A new theory resolves many of the biggest mysteries about the pandemic — and suggests that banning large gatherings may be enough to contain it.
  9. coronavirus
    10 Bits of Good News in the War on the Coronavirus (and 10 Bits of Bad News)The outlook for a vaccine is getting sunnier — but the summer sun’s capacity to inhibit infection is looking weaker.
  10. public health
    Americans Are Dying Younger, Having Fewer Babies, Studies FindThe death rate among Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 is surging, while birth rates have hit a three-decade low.
  11. climate change
    Rising Seas Are Going to Drown Way More Cities Than We’d Thought: StudyIn a low-warming scenario, we expected rising tides to cover areas currently occupied by 37 million people. The real number is closer to 150 million.
  12. gluten
    Trump Supporters More Likely to Identify As Gluten-Free: StudyConservatives mock gluten-free diets — and are also more likely to adhere to them.
  13. studies
    80 Percent of Tweets Come From 2 Percent of AmericansA new survey finds that young Democrats are overrepresented compared to the general population.
  14. climate change
    We’re Boiling the Ocean Faster Than We ThoughtClimate change is warming the seas more rapidly than the IPCC realized, a new study suggests.
  15. space
    Aliens Might Have Sent Cigar-Shaped Probe to Monitor Earth, Study FindsThe interstellar object entered our solar system last year — and then left at an unnaturally rapid speed, new research from Harvard suggests.
  16. congress
    Why Congress Thinks Voters Are Way More Conservative Than They Actually ArePoliticians think their constituents are right wing — because, in most cases, the only constituents they need to worry about are corporations.
  17. economic policy
    Study: Minimum Wage Hikes Are Working As HopedNew research finds that minimum wage increases in six U.S. cities led to higher worker pay — without any negative impact on jobs.
  18. New Study Confirms That American Workers Are Getting Ripped OffU.S. workers get a smaller share of growth, less job security, and fewer unemployment benefits than laborers in nearly every other developed country.
  19. New Study: Trump’s Immigration Agenda May Have Hurt Him in 2016New research suggests that Trump’s nativism alienated more white voters than it mobilized in 2016. If true, the GOP could be in trouble this fall.
  20. Places Where Opioid Use Was the Highest Voted for Trump in 2016Counties across the country where chronic opioid use was higher went for Trump by an 18-point margin in 2016.
  21. Study: Claim That Fake News Swung Election Is FakeFew Americans read “fake news,” and even fewer bought it.
  22. select all
    Fake News Isn’t Just an Old-Person Problem — Kids Are Falling for It, TooA new study of news literacy among a big group of students suggests the fake-news problem isn’t restricted to older, web-unsavvy news consumers.
  23. studies
    Study Finds Liberals Are Better Than Conservatives at Smizing“Conservative politicians were less likely than liberals to display smiles involving facial muscles around the eyes.”
  24. Hurricane Freakonomics: Katrina Raised Its Victims’ IncomesEconomists find a climate-change consolation prize. 
  25. The F Train Is the Most Delayed TrainMeanwhile, the MTA claims that the subway isn’t delayed more often than it was two years ago.
  26. bill de blasio’s new york
    Number of Families in Shelters Rose in January53,615 people stayed overnight in city facilities.
  27. health care
    Study: Obama’s Health-Care Law Would Actually Add to the DeficitThe full report, and a fight over it, is on the way.
  28. religion
    American Muslims Not Really MurderousA new study calls Islamic extremism “a minuscule threat to public safety.”
  29. would you rather
    Some Americans Prefer Technology to Sex, Chocolate, Teeth-BrushingHard evidence that the Internet is life’s greatest pleasure.
  30. survey says
    Study: New York Is America’s Least Free StateThis is a study funded by the Koch brothers, mind you.
  31. science fiction science fact
    Hey, Manhattanites, You Can Look Forward to Living a Long Life of This MiseryA new study has some uplifting, and depressing, results.
  32. school daze
    Bullying Makes You Popular, But Not the MOST PopularYou need a little niceness to get to the top 2 percent.
  33. jars of tears
    Breaking: Crying Not a Big Turn-On for DudesMen who sniffed jars containing women’s tears were found to experience “drops in testosterone.”
  34. mahwidge
    Traditional Marriage Basically Obsolete, Survey FindsYounger Americans aren’t convinced it’s the way to go.
  35. drinking
    New Yorkers Now Twice As Likely to Go to Emergency Room After BoozingWheeeeee.
  36. sex
    Fiftysomethings Are Having Unprotected Sex With Their Friends, Says New Study“‘Friends with benefits’ are suited to older people.”
  37. notions
    Sixth Borough Continues to Take in Impoverished New YorkersNo, not Governor’s Island.
  38. lady things
    Science: Successful Women Are Doomed to UnhappinessThanks, science.
  39. health
    New York City Kids: Fat?Not on the Upper West Side!
  40. stress
    Funny Report Says New York Is Only the Eighth Most Stressful CityYeah, right.
  41. science
    Science: Ladies Love a Man in RedWe’re not so sure about this.
  42. death and taxes
    Women Who Spend All Day Sitting Could Die YoungerAh! Bad news for bloggers.
  43. science
    Survey: More Virgins Insisting on Condom Use for First TimeTeen pregnancy is down as a result.
  44. corrections
    Correction: Rich Guys Do Not Actually Give Women More OrgasmsIt’s just that rich guys date the kind of women who have more orgasms.
  45. things we already knew
    Study: New Yorkers Are Among the Least Likely to Fall Victim to ScamsAnd yet we still buy Knicks tickets, year after year.
  46. science
    Most Men Would Be Complete Slackers if They Didn’t Have to Impress WomenIf they didn’t care about getting laid, guys would do basically nothing.
  47. booze you can use
    New York Is One of the Country’s ‘Least Drunk’ CitiesThat’s what ‘Men’s Health’ says at least.
  48. booze you can use
    Are You Drinking Cheaper Liquor in the Recession?Everybody else is.
  49. mating
    Breaking: Smart Women No Longer Doomed to Life of SpinsterhoodUnless they are horrible.