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    Chinese ‘Rooftopper’ Plunges 62 Stories to Death During Stunt Gone WrongWu Yongning was reportedly attempting the stunt to win $15,000.
  2. Donald Trump Offers Fox News an Olive Branch, in the Form of a Very Boring RallyAfter an apparent apology from Roger Ailes, Donald Trump put together the dullest sideshow he possibly could.
  3. stunts
    Man Lands Gyrocopter on Capitol Lawn in ProtestDoug Hughes had been planning the event for months.
  4. stunts
    City Councilman Got Pneumonia Living As a Homeless ManRuben Wills had to cut his experiment short.
  5. hoaxes
    Nasty Thanksgiving Note War Turns Out to Be a HoaxOf course, Internet.
  6. Some Republicans Will Try to Impeach Eric Holder, But It Won’t WorkTed Yoho’s fifteen minutes.
  7. stunts
    Texas Gun Rally Will Re-Arm the AlamoMore than 1,000 are expected to show.
  8. stunts
    Cuomo Unsurprisingly Wins Raft Race Against BloombergBut it was pretty close!
  9. the sports section
    Fan Runs Onto All Star Field Because TwitterBy the laws of the Internet, he had to.
  10. crazy people
    Wallenda’s Proposed Skyscraper Walk Won’t Get Off the GroundHe said he won’t violate the law.
  11. things that are nuts
    Relive Just Enough of Nik Wallenda’s Nerve-racking Tightrope JourneyA few minutes’ worth, in case you missed it.
  12. international affairs
    Vice Would Have Rather Sent Michael Jordan to North KoreaHe turned them down, but they were fine with Rodman.
  13. things that are gross
    Glenn Beck Keeps It Classy by Selling a Jar of His ‘Urine’ for $25,000It’s “art” because there’s an Obama figurine in it.
  14. stunts
    Man Makes 24-Mile High Space Jump and Lives to Tell the Tale Felix Baumgartner landed safely on his feet in the New Mexico desert today. 
  15. crushing disappointments
    The Great New York City Vibrator Giveaway of 2012 Was a Big Bust [Updated]“You can’t have a giant soda. You can’t have a vibrator.”
  16. stunts
    Trojan to Hand Out Free Vibrators From Hot-Dog CartsBuzz-worthy.
  17. ask your doctor about niagara
    Niagara Falls Tightrope Walker Only Kind of a DaredevilHe declined to ditch his safety harness. 
  18. ask your doctor about niagara
    New York Trumps Canada in Niagara Falls Tightrope FightOur neighbors to the north will allow Nik Wallenda his fun.
  19. the internet
    Huffington Post Blogger Puts Vodka-Tampon Where All the Kids DoThe Internet is a dark place.
  20. japan
    A Japanese Official Drank ‘Decontaminated’ Water From Fukushima on TV“Oh God.”
  21. early and often
    President Obama Surprises Troops in Afghanistan With VisitLousy jobs report? What lousy jobs report?
  22. stunts
    Comedian to Hog the Bathroom for Five Days StraightThe wife does not approve.
  23. streakers
    Billionaire Offers $1 Million to the First Person to Streak in Front of ObamaPlease let this happen.
  24. sowing the seeds of love
    Just How Heavily Edited Was the ACORN-Sting Video?Nobody said anything about pimps, for one.
  25. stunts
    Britney Spears Is Hiding in Midtown Right NowFind Britney in Manhattan tonight, and she’ll give you tickets.