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  1. stupid things
    Fox News Bros Forced to Apologize for Middle-School-Style Sexist Jokes Well, one apologized — the other just made another dumb joke. 
  2. stupid things
    Clawson Mistakes U.S. Officials for Indian Reps Oops!
  3. stupid things
    Mom Arrested for Letting Her Kid Play at the Park Loses Her JobMcDonald’s fired Debra Harrell after she was released from jail.
  4. stupid things
    Metro-North Delayed by Box Painted Like Bender It could have been a bomb!
  5. stupid things
    Duck Dynasty Relative Running for CongressYeehaw.
  6. stupid things
    D’Souza Made Unfunny ‘Between Two Ferns’ ParodyWith himself in Zach Galifianakis’s seat.
  7. stand clear of the closing doors
    Man Survives Terrible Judgment Call [Updated]He went after his cell phone on the subway tracks.
  8. stupid things
    Television Station Promotes Flight 370 News With Doctored Lost Poster Thanks, Don Lemon.
  9. stupid things
    CNN Now Wondering If Flight 370 Disappeared Into Black Hole or Bermuda Triangle Or maybe a Lost episode?
  10. stupid things
    CNN Introduces Supernatural Flight 370 TheoriesThere’s only so much breaking news.
  11. polar vortex
    Dozens Injured Throwing Boiling Water Into Winter AirDon’t try this at home.
  12. stupid things
    Which Job Is Worse: Balthazar Bathroom Attendant or Business Insider Anything?Henry Blodget strikes again.
  13. the internet
    Kenneth Cole Made Dumb Syria Joke to ‘Provoke Dialogue’So selfless.
  14. the internet
    Kenneth Cole Tweeted Another Stupid Fashion Joke About the Middle EastThe designer doesn’t really “get” current events.
  15. stupid things
    Seriously, Do Not Risk Your Life to Retrieve Your Cell PhoneA woman had to be pulled from the East River Saturday morning.
  16. crimes and misdemeanors
    Cops Grounded for Being Racist on FacebookSome even lost vacation days.
  17. race relations
    Connecticut Mayor Regrets Reducing Latino Community to TacosEast Haven mayor Joe Maturo has offended Latinos everywhere.
  18. traffic
    What Not to Do If You Are a Squad of Muscular Young People Wearing CamouflageFor starters, don’t try to run through the Lincoln Tunnel.