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Stuyvesant High School

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    NYC Elite School Alumni President: Calling School ‘Segregated’ Makes Me Feel BadSegregation is about systems, not sentiment.
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    Only 7 Black Students Got Into Stuyvesant High This YearDown two from last year.
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    Meet Jack Cahn, Stuyvesant High School’s Ambitious Al Gore–Tracy Flick HybridThe 17-year-old speaks on his battle for the class presidency.
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    Stuyvesant High School Politico Already UnbearableOh, the sound bites you’ll hear!
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    New Arrests From Cannibal Cop’s Social NetworkAlso another cop.
  6. school daze
    Fallout from Stuyvesant Cheating Scandal DeepensOnly six students suspended? Try 66.
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    Stuyvesant High School Principal Resigns Amid Cheating ScandalStan Teitel is out after thirteen years.
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    Stuyvesant Students Say Everyone Cheats, They Just Got CaughtSeventy students shared answers on their cell phones.
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    Stuyvesant Student Booted for Sharing Test Answers With 50 ClassmatesMaybe he was just feeling generous?
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    Stuyvesant Students Really Know How to Sell ‘Slutty Wednesday’ ProtestThey’re fighting against an unjust dress code.
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    Only Two NYC High Schools Among Top 50 Nationwide: Hunter College, Bronx ScienceNeither made it into top 25.
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    Jeremy Lin Offers Stuyvesant Class of 2012 Earnest Advice, Semi-Earnest Rapping“So, as you go on from high school, I just want to encourage you guys to really have a lot of fun.” 
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    Study That Suggests Competition for Spots in Elite Public Schools Is Overblown Is Unlikely to Deter Anyone From Said CompetitionConspiracy theory: Study was authored by a parent hoping to get a leg up on getting his kid into a good public school?
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    Stuyvesant High School Kids Disciplined Over Racist Rap VideoReally, it was pretty racist.
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    Breaking: Stuyvesant High School Seniors Want to Have Sex With One AnotherTo “tap” or not to “tap”? That is the question.
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    ‘If I Have a Choice Between Math and Almost Anything Else, I Choose Math.’That’s what 15-year-old Zachary Young says. He just got into Harvard and MIT.
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    The Kids at Stuyvesant Aren’t Gonna Take ItStudents at Stuyvesant have started rebelling against new rules put in place by the school’s administration, and they are organized. “They’ve just been slowly taking away our freedom,” 17-year-old Maorizio Martinelli, a member of the burgeoning kid insurgency there, told today’s Sun. “This is our fight for the student rights that we lost.” Which rights are those, you wonder? Were the children victimized and beaten?