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Subway Kittens

  1. long-dead feline puppies!!
    The Original Subway Kitten Was This 1925 Street CatA great photo from 1925. 
  2. feline puppies!!
    Meet the Cute Brooklyn Couple Who Adopted the Subway KittensArthur and August have a home!
  3. feline puppies!!
    Notorious Subway Kittens Still Homeless, CuteThey’re ready for a new life.
  4. subway kittens
    Subway Kittens Cameo on The Colbert ReportPlus, Colbert calls out cat-killer Joe Lhota.
  5. feline puppies!!
    The Subway Kittens Are Having an Awesome Life, No Thanks to LhotaThey’re more adorable than they looked on the third rail.
  6. the racie for gracie
    Joe Lhota Insists That He Is ‘Cuddly and Huggable’Would subway kittens agree?
  7. stand clear of the closing doors
    Mayoral Candidates Weigh In on the Great ‘Kittens or Trains?’ Debate [Updated]Anthony Weiner would “personally crawl over the third rail” to save a subway cat.