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  1. jeffrey epstein
    Everything We Know About Jeffrey Epstein’s DeathAttorney General Barr announced that he’s removed the acting Bureau of Prisons chief in the wake of Epstein’s death by suicide.
  2. gig economy
    The Tragic End to a Longtime Black-Car Driver’s Campaign Against UberHopelessly outmatched by ride-sharing apps, Doug Schifter took his own life to publicize the plight of his fellow workers.
  3. feature
    The Last Days of BMX Superstar Dave MirraLosing the will to die just before choosing death.
  4. Man Jumps From Building, Busts Open an Oxygen Line at a Nearby HospitalTwo emergencies in one.
  5. Sister of Woman Who Jumped From Rooftop Bar Reportedly Kills HerselfSara, the older sister of 30-year-old Faigy Mayer, died in her parents’ Brooklyn home in an apparent suicide. 
  6. ‘Slain’ Illinois Cop Tried to Order HitThe cop allegedly asked a gang member to kill an administrator who knew he’d been stealing from a local youth program.
  7. the news in 9 headlines
    Group Sex Led to a Yale Stabbing, SuicideThe two students were prominent campus conservatives, both members of Yale’s Party of the Right.
  8. crimes and misdemeanors
    Death of Georgia Man Found Hanging From Tree Ruled a SuicideBut his family doesn’t accept that conclusion.
  9. Brittany Maynard and the Cult of the Ideal DeathWhen did we begin treating suicides in the face of terminal illness as heroic acts while viewing other suicides as cowardly?
  10. suicide
    Brittany Maynard, ‘Death With Dignity’ Advocate, Ends Her LifeThe 29-year-old had terminal brain cancer.
  11. crimes and misdemeanors
    GWB Suicide Couple Murdered RelativeThe sad story gets more complicated.
  12. very sad things
    Couple Dies After Jump From George Washington BridgeIt seems to have been a joint suicide.
  13. Man Found Hanged in Prospect ParkAn apparent suicide.
  14. very sad things
    Suicide Reported at NYU Before the Start of Spring ClassesThe semester starts today under a dark cloud.
  15. sad things
    Man Hangs Himself in Manhattan Holding CellFollowing burglary arrest.
  16. sad things
    NYPD Officer Commits Suicide Outside Brooklyn Police StationHe was about to become a detective.
  17. bad education
    Upper West Side Teacher Has Teens Write Suicide Notes for HomeworkDespite reports of similar assignments angering parents.
  18. scary things
    A Man Tried to Stab Himself at the Today ShowHe was tackled by police.
  19. sad things
    Brooklyn Life Coaches Dead in Double SuicideThey were found suffocated in their Park Slope apartment.
  20. very sad things
    Americans Are More Likely to Die by Suicide Than in Car CrashesSad statistics from the CDC.
  21. gun violence
    Man Shoots Himself at NRA-Sponsored NASCAR RaceIronic, but not funny.
  22. gun control
    Rick Warren’s Son Committed Suicide With ‘Unregistered’ Gun Bought OnlineThe serial number was scratched off.
  23. sad things
    Mega Pastor Rick Warren’s Son Commits SuicideThe 27-year-old had been “struggling with mental illness and deep depression.”
  24. crimes and misdemeanors
    New Yorkers Are Killing Each Other Even Less This YearCongratulations, Gotham!
  25. sad things
    Three Cups of Tea Co-Author David Oliver Relin Committed SuicideHis family confirmed he was suffering from depression.
  26. secret service
    Secret Service Agent Commits Suicide Amid Affair Investigation“The Secret Service is mourning the loss of a valued colleague,” said the agency.
  27. sad things
    38 Army Suicides in July Marks All-Time HighUp from 24 in June.
  28. neighborhood news
    Cop Spends Afternoon Talking Down Bridge JumperThe two men happened to be from the same town in China.
  29. sad things
    Harlem Boy Commits Suicide After Relentless BullyingHis mother repeatedly tried to stop the abuse.
  30. the internet
    Is Reddit Being Scared Straight for Encouraging a ‘Suicide’?There’s a strange, tragic tale developing in a dark corner of the Internet.
  31. sad things
    Woman Jumps to Her Death Off George Washington BridgeHer body was found a mile downstream.
  32. suicide
    NYC Suicide Rate Is Half the National AverageAccess to guns appears to be a factor.
  33. sad things
    Four NYPD Officers Have Committed Suicide in 2012“Oh God, not another one.”
  34. sad things
    ‘Subway Vigilante’ Victim Killed Himself on Anniversary of ShootingOne of the teens shot by Bernie Goetz was found dead yesterday in a Bronx motel.
  35. occupy wall street
    Occupy Wall Street Struck by Gunshots, Viruses, and SuicideThe revolution will not be sanitized.
  36. sad things
    A Trump Place Resident Killed Himself By Jumping Off the BuildingIt’s the second such suicide at the residence in less than a year.
  37. awful things
    Couple Jumps Together Off Tappen Zee BridgeOne survived the jump.
  38. suicide
    Joseph Brooks Left All of His Money to His Personal TrainerNot that she’ll get to keep it.
  39. suicide
    Ex-Duke Basketball Captain Jumps to His DeathFrom the roof of a private athletic club.
  40. obits
    Jack Kevorkian Died“He didn’t feel a thing.”
  41. suicide
    Joseph Brooks Reported Dead From Apparent SuicideThe Oscar-winning composer and alleged rapist was found at his New York apartment.
  42. photo op
    Manhattan Man Saved From Fatal LeapHis own personal judgment day was avoided.