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Summertime Blues

  1. mosquitopocalypse
    It’s That Time of Year to Freak Out About West Nile VirusThe virus has been detected in NYC mosquitoes.
  2. summertime blues
    McCarren Park Pool Sees Its First Arrests of the SeasonRoughhousing teens strike again.
  3. scary things
    People Keep Stepping on Needles at the BeachIt’s happened at least four times in the last three weeks.
  4. summertime blues
    Just Be Happy You’re Not a McCarren Park Pool Lifeguard If it’s not backflipping teens, it’s something else.
  5. summertime blues
    New York Teenagers Have Plenty of Time to Make Trouble This Summer Because they can’t find jobs.
  6. summertime blues
    McCarren Pool Violence Spreads, Teen Stabbed and Beaten in ParkSuddenly “poopgate” seems much less disturbing.
  7. summertime blues
    McCarren Park Pool Suffered a ‘Diaper Accident’It was only a matter of time.
  8. summertime blues
    Obama Skips Martha’s Vineyard, Evades Annual Vacation ControversySasha and Malia should’ve tried to join the Romney Olympics.
  9. summertime blues
    Security Increased at McCarren Park PoolTen cops on hand to deal with fights, repeat splashing violations.
  10. summertime blues
    McCarren Park Pool Had a Few Robberies, TooTo go with all the punching.
  11. crimes and misdemeanors
    With Nice Weather Comes Ridiculous Bike TicketsThe NYPD appears to be cracking down on cyclists again.