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    Tom Freston Gets Burned, AgainTom Freston, apparently insufficiently charred by Sumner Redstone, got further roasted by his friends. A Met security guard once slashed a Rembrandt with a key. Howard Stern pissed off Pete Townshend; Towshend stormed out on Howard. Clint Eastwood had a drink, then went to a rock show. Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson are a couple. Petra Nemcova and Russell Simmons might be a couple. Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt used to be a couple, but she still likes his new movie. Sacha Baron Cohen (a.k.a. Borat) will play his Austrian fashionista character (a.k.a. Bruno) in his next movie. George Jones will play Carnegie Hall on Halloween. Debbie Rochon wants more recognition for her contribution to the horror genre. Cindy Adams discovered that London is expensive. Liz Smith discovered that Annette Bening had lunch. An Italian restaurant will stay open.