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  1. super classy
    Trump Plays Nemesis Word Association GamesCruz: Jerk! Bloomberg: He’ll throw the guns in the ocean! Glenn Beck: Why is he crying!
  2. ice cream for breakfast
    7 Most Important Questions Kids Have Asked 2016 CandidatesThey might not be able to vote, but they do know how to get real.
  3. super classy
    Here’s Some of the Most Creative Trump ApparelAnd other great and classy moments in Trump supporters getting creative. 
  4. Man Behind Trump Theme Song Has Read Every One of Donald Trump’s Books“He’s a real human being with a great heart and a brilliant mind.”
  5. super classy
    Jeb Betting That America Doesn’t Like Trump Mocking People With DisabilitiesBush calls the front-runner a “jerk” in new ad. 
  6. thanks obama
    Thanks, Obama!Including the disappearance of aerosol hairspray. 
  7. super classy
    The First Person in Line to Hear Trump in Vermont Is Not a Trump SupporterWhat happens when Trump visits a state he could never win in a general election.
  8. super classy
    Trump Goes Full Birther on Cruz“I’d hate to see something like that get in his way. But a lot of people are talking about it.”
  9. The Donald’s DictionaryThe second edition of our super-luxury reference guide. 
  10. super classy
    Trump’s Year, Told in Barbara Walters Questions“If you lose the Republican nomination, are you a loser?”
  11. last night on late night
    Trump: ‘I’m Going to Win the Hispanic Vote’“We’re going to see what happens.”
  12. super classy
    Trump’s Doctor Looks and Sounds Like TrumpSo many superlatives! Wait, this sounds so familiar.
  13. change of plans
    Trump Cancels Israel Trip, Optimistically Reschedules for When He Is PresidentThis happened after Netanyahu said he “rejects” Trump’s Muslim ban. 
  14. metaphors
    Uncle Sam Went to Donald Trump’s Office and Messed Up His HairUncle Sam is a 27-year-old bald eagle. 
  15. super classy
    Trump Debuts First Recruit in His 2016 Clone ArmyTrump fans aren’t content to just vote for him anymore. Now they have to be him. 
  16. super classy
    Donald Trump Will Make Debates Great Again by HimselfThe candidate decided it probably wouldn’t be in his best interest to work with his opponents.
  17. super classy
    Trump Wins Argument About Long, Boring DebatesThere is only a 30 percent chance that voters will fall asleep during the next GOP debate now.
  18. 2016
    Jeb Bush Doesn’t Like Polls As Much as Trump“It’s just … an obsession.”
  19. live blog
    Daily Intelligencer Liveblogs Republican Debate No. 2: The GOP Strikes BackWho will Donald Trump offend this time?
  20. super classy
    GOP Invents Reasons for Supporting TrumpIt’s better than electing a Democrat, right? Right?
  21. super classy
    The Last Time Trump Apologized to Someone ‘Was Too Many Years Ago to Remember’“I have one of the great memories of all time, but it was too long ago.”
  22. super classy
    Only the ‘Greatest Minds’ Will Serve in the Trump Administration“I know the best negotiators.”
  23. super classy
    Donald Trump Releases New Teaser for His Exciting Obamacare Sequel“You can get everything in Obamacare, but much more.”