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  1. tremendous content
    Trump Attacks Rihanna From His Failing Social-Media SiteIn a devastating turn of events for the Grammy winner, Trump told his 5 million Truth Social followers that her Super Bowl show was an “EPIC FAIL.”
  2. games
    An Anticlimactic Super Bowl Ending Blew the NFL’s Night ApartThe holding call heard ’round the world was a reminder of sports’ inherent unpredictability.
  3. games
    Los Angeles Won the Super Bowl in More Ways Than OneThe Rams won the game. The city, the stunning stadium, and the wonderful overall vibe won everything else.
  4. games
    Why You Should Root for the Bengals in the Super BowlSunday will mostly be about the NFL’s utter cultural dominance, but one of these teams is more deserving than the other.
  5. the money game
    First the Constitution – Now a Super Bowl AdA decentralized, crowdfunded crypto group is raising $20 million to hawk NFTs during America’s most-watched event.
  6. games
    A Telling Streak at the Pandemic Super BowlA blowout that should have been remembered for cementing Tom Brady’s legacy instead served as a symbol for the nation’s coronavirus failures.
  7. super bowl
    Six Big Questions About the Pandemic Super BowlA lot of weird stuff has gone down in years past. Sunday has the potential to be the strangest big game yet.
  8. games
    A Marquee Super Bowl Is the NFL’s Reward for Cutting CornersCOVID schmovid. It’s Tom Brady versus Patrick Mahomes!
  9. games
    How Sports Leagues Are Gearing Up for Another Weird SeasonEveryone is hoping for vaccine-enabled normalcy in 2021, but some sports are better positioned than others to wait things out.
  10. patriotism
    Watch Trump Act Bored and Ignored During the Singing of the National AnthemThe president did anything but “stand proudly” for the anthem during his Mar-a-Lago Super Bowl party.
  11. the national interest
    Republicans Say Trump Was Right, Kansas City Chiefs Indeed Based in KansasThe conservative cult of anti-intellectualism.
  12. super bowl
    The Super Bowl Showed That the NFL Is Back on TopOn a night when everything went right for the league, its recent turbulent history seemed like a long time ago.
  13. vision 2020
    Watch Trump and Bloomberg’s Dueling Super Bowl AdsThe president and Democrats’ biggest spender will compete for viewer eyeballs, at a hefty cost.
  14. games
    Lessons From a Very, Very Bad Super BowlIt was the first time I’d ever experienced FOMO while being at the Super Bowl.
  15. dot com bowl
    Revisiting the Ads From 2000’s ‘Dot-Com Super Bowl’The average price for a 30-second website ad at the 2000 Super Bowl was $2.2 million. It wasn’t enough to save most of these early internet companies.
  16. games
    Was the NFL’s Success This Season Just a ‘Dead Cat Bounce’?After years of trouble, football got popular again in 2018. Why?
  17. super bowl
    CBS Refuses to Run Medical Marijuana Ad During the Super BowlA four-hour glorification of a game linked to head injuries meets network standards, but a PSA for a substance some players use to cope does not.
  18. government shutdown
    How the Government Shutdown Could Derail the Super BowlAtlanta’s airport is a disaster and city officials are getting worried.
  19. select all
    It’s 2028, This Meme Comes Up and Smacks Your ButtWhat will the world be like in a decade?
  20. The Dodge Ram Embodies MLK’s Legacy, Says MLK’s EstateIt’s never a good sign when you have to issue a statement defending your Super Bowl ad.
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    This Is the Teen Who Took a Selfie With Justin Timberlake at the Super BowlRyan McKenna says a phone malfunction almost cost him the perfect shot.
  22. select all
    There’s Always a Trump Tweet: Super Bowl EditionTrump has called Tom Brady his “friend” on Twitter several times.
  23. the sports section
    Several Eagles Players Already Refusing to Celebrate Super Bowl Win With TrumpRepeatedly accusing NFL players of being unpatriotic for protesting probably won’t boost turnout.
  24. select all
    Congrats to the Kid Who Got a Super Bowl Selfie With Justin TimberlakeRyan McKenna, a 13-year-old from Massachusetts is the viral star of the 2018 Super Bowl.
  25. A Super Bowl LII Glossary for the UninitiatedWhy are people wearing dog masks? Who punched a horse? And what’s a Gronk?
  26. Angry at the NFL, Some GOP Candidates Say They Won’t Watch the Super Bowl“The overpaid crybabies kneeling during our national anthem no longer deserve my patronage,” one candidate said.
  27. Trump Declines NBC’s Invitation for Pre-Super Bowl InterviewHe did the interview last year when Bill O’Reilly conducted it for Fox, but Trump is no fan of NBC.
  28. select all
    Left Shark Breaks His Silence Ahead of Super Bowl LIIHe was just free-styling as an underdog.
  29. ‘Potentially Hazardous’ Asteroid to Pass by Earth on Super Bowl SundayIn this case “potentially hazardous” means absolutely no chance to hit earth.
  30. reality is weird
    Were the Oscars and the Election Proof We’re Living in a Simulation?If anything, our reality is getting less weird — that’s why when weirdness does pop up, it has a tendency to stand out.
  31. At Least 6 Patriots Plan to Skip White HouseMaybe Tom Brady will have to go alone.
  32. Fear and Choking at the Super BowlAn Atlanta super-fan watches his team go down.
  33. select all
    Yes, the (Real) Tank in Hyundai’s Super Bowl Ad Says ‘Cash Me Ouside’The ad was filmed during the game on a military base in Poland where the soldiers apparently have an affinity for dank memes.
  34. select all
    If You See Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jersey on eBay, He’d Like It Back PleaseBrady says his jersey was stolen from the locker room following the Patriots Super Bowl win.
  35. fake news
    Some Boston Globe Subscribers Woke Up in a World Where the Patriots LostIn the too-early edition, the headline was “A Bitter End.”
  36. select all
    Relive the Super Bowl in Very Good TweetsThe game may be over, but at least we still have the tweets.
  37. All the Ways Politics Are Invading the Super BowlPresident Trump’s friendship with Tom Brady is only the beginning.
  38. There Are So Many Reasons to Root Against ‘Trump’s Team’ in the Super BowlLike it or not, the game has political undertones. Big league.
  39. George H. W. and Barbara Bush Will Do Super Bowl Coin TossThe 92-year-old just got out of the hospital this week.
  40. the sports section
    Cam Newton Explains Why He Chose Not to Dive for That Super Bowl FumbleApparently his leg “could have been contorted.”
  41. the sports section
    Eli Manning’s Blank Super Bowl Stare, ExplainedGo for one, or go for two?
  42. Who Was That Lucky Fan Onstage During the Super Bowl Halftime Show?Who is he?
  43. the sports section
    10 Things to Know About Super Bowl 50The Broncos and Panthers meet for the NFL championship.
  44. the sports section
    Peyton Manning Reportedly Told Friend He’s RetiringSo says NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport.
  45. the sports section
    San Franciscans Won’t Stop Vandalizing Super Bowl 50 SculpturesThe game will be played in the Bay Area next week, and locals are messing with the sculptures designed to promote it.
  46. advertising
    Nationwide Bought Dead-Kid Super Bowl Ad Solely to ‘Start a Conversation’How dare you suggest they wanted to sell insurance.
  47. notable quoteables
    Chuck Schumer Not Totally Sure What Sport Happens in the Super BowlWhat a fantastic sporting contest!
  48. scary things
    Suspicious Powder Found at Super Bowl Hotels, Giuliani’s Office [Update]Nobody is injured, thankfully.
  49. crimes and misdemeanors
    Super Bowl Brings Prostitution Back to Times SquareSo retro.
  50. the sports section
    The Super Bowl Could Be Moved to Saturday or Monday, Probably Won’t BeIt depends on whether we experience a historic amount of snow. 
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