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  1. exhibit a
    Menendez Followed the Supreme Court’s Bribery PlaybookAnd thanks to inaction by Congress, he might beat the case.
  2. exhibit a
    Do Liberals Think the Supreme Court Will Save Us From Trump?Because that would have to happen to disqualify him from running under the 14th Amendment.
  3. supreme court
    Clarence Thomas Formally Acknowledges His Lavish LifestyleThe justice’s new financial-disclosure form cops to some of the fancy trips conservative donors have funded for him.
  4. what we know
    A Quick Guide to Justice Clarence Thomas’s Ethics ScandalsWe’re keeping track of the recent pileup of revelations regarding secret financial arrangements between the justice and his rich friends.
  5. the national interest
    The Democrats Can’t Wave Away Their Hunter Biden ProblemHow the party can clean up the Supreme Court and address the president’s son’s ethics scandals.
  6. the rent is too damn high
    Are the Landlords Bluffing?They say thousands of rent stabilized apartments are too cheap and too far gone to rent. You’ll just have to take their word for it.
  7. the law
    The Overlooked Solution to the Radical Supreme CourtConservative justices will rule for another generation. The only hope of liberals is to seize state courts and launch a legal counterrevolution.
  8. the national interest
    The Last Republican PoliticianCan John Roberts stave off a Democratic assault on the Supreme Court?
  9. supreme court
    The Supreme Court Can’t Kill Student-Loan ReliefThe ruling today knocked down just one part of the White House’s federal debt-relief plan, but what’s left will be bigger than any onetime amnesty.
  10. exhibit a
    The End of Affirmative Action Is Only the BeginningYet again, the Supreme Court’s conservatives just get rid of precedents that they don’t like.
  11. exhibit a
    The Supreme Court Rejects a Lunatic Legal Theory of ElectionsA 6-3 ruling tossed a conservative idea that could have allowed state legislatures to overturn elections.
  12. life after roe
    What’s an Ex–Abortion Doctor in Alabama to Do?Fight for better pregnancies and births for those who have no choice.
  13. power
    Ginni and Clarence Thomas: A Love StoryHow a fiercely loyal couple saved one another, raged against their enemies, and brought the American experiment to the brink.
  14. early and often
    DeSantis Knocks Trump Supreme Court Picks As Not Extreme EnoughThe Florida governor claims he would have gone with justices even more like Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.
  15. life after roe
    What the Abortion-Pill Decision Reveals About the Shadow DocketThe author of a new book on the Supreme Court’s backdoor-lawmaking system breaks down what it is and why Samuel Alito is so mad at its critics.
  16. early and often
    It’s Neil Gorsuch’s Turn for a Financial ScandalWith Clarence Thomas under scrutiny, a report states that Gorsuch sold a home to a major litigator whose firm is frequently before the Supreme Court.
  17. life after roe
    Supreme Court Preserves Full Access to Abortion Pill, For NowMifepristone will remain fully available in states were abortion is still legal, at least while a longer court battle over its fate proceeds.
  18. it gets worse
    Billionaire Harlan Crow Bought Clarence Thomas’s Mother’s HouseThe Supreme Court justice didn’t report that he had been paid by Harlan Crow, almost certainly violating the law.
  19. just asking questions
    What Can Democrats Do About Clarence Thomas’s Ethics Fiasco?Senator Sheldon Whitehouse thinks reform of what he calls the “captured court” starts with Chief Justice John Roberts.
  20. ethics
    Clarence Thomas: Sorry I Got CaughtThe justice says he’ll be better about disclosing his wildly inappropriate, GOP-donor-funded vacations going forward.
  21. the national interest
    Clarence Thomas and the Ethical Disaster of the Supreme CourtUndisclosed gifts from a billionaire won’t even embarrass the right.
  22. student loans
    Why the Supreme Court Might Uphold Student-Debt ReliefAlso, why it may not.
  23. early and often
    It Looks Like the Supreme Court Will Not Blow Up Our Democracy (for Now)A theory that would make state legislatures the ultimate decider of elections and overturn the Constitution as we know it gets its day in court.
  24. life after roe
    The Right to the Ballot and the BodyKansas shows why the anti-abortion movement has to win power by undemocratic means.
  25. supreme court
    Why Same-Sex Marriage May Not Be Doomed at the Supreme CourtSamuel Alito’s opinion matters more than that of Clarence Thomas.
  26. the national interest
    Democrats Must Reform the Supreme Court to Save ItRepublicans won control of the Court playing by the rules. The rules are bad.
  27. life after roe
    Could New Abortion Bans Lose in Court?It won’t be easy, but there are ways to limit the impact of Dobbs.
  28. life after roe
    This Is Not an Abortion StoryPregnancy felt like a choice, now it feels like a trap.
  29. life after roe
    Overturning Roe Is Just the BeginningConservatives are already floating a national abortion ban and the overthrow of other privacy-based rights.
  30. abortion
    The Dissenters Say You’re Not Hysterical“The majority tells everyone not to worry,” the dissenting justices write. But they’re ringing the alarm.
  31. life after roe
    The End of Abortion Rights Is Trump’s Big PaybackHe promised Republicans a Court conservative enough to overturn Roe so long as they tolerated his corruption and criminality. It worked.
  32. life after roe
    The End of Abortion As We Knew ItIn a 6–3 decision, the Supreme Court has ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade.
  33. life after roe
    ‘A Woman Has No Rights’: Read Liberals’ Supreme Court Abortion DissentJustices Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan decried the abolition of Roe v. Wade in blistering language.
  34. early and often
    The Supreme Court Gun Ruling Could Lead to More ViolenceExperts and research say that looser regulation of concealed carry is correlated with higher gun-homicide rates.
  35. early and often
    The Supreme Court Has Endangered the Future of Gun ControlBackground checks, age limits — anything that wasn’t around in the 1700s is probably unconstitutional, according to Clarence Thomas.
  36. what we know
    Man Arrested Near Brett Kavanaugh’s Home Charged With Attempted MurderThe suspect was arrested near the justice’s Maryland home on Wednesday morning, allegedly with burglary tools, a knife, and a gun.
  37. life after roe
    Supreme Court to Scour Clerks’ Phones in Leak InvestigationThe leaker of a draft opinion ending Roe v. Wade still hasn’t been IDed. Now investigators want clerks to sign affidavits and turn over call records.
  38. life after roe
    I, Too, Have a Human FormIn Justice Alito’s draft opinion, the pregnant body is erased.
  39. life after roe
    Ending Roe v. Wade Is a War on Women and ChildrenThe right offers nothing but more suffering to the people it purports to help.
  40. life after roe
    Clarence Thomas Decries ‘Irreparable Damage’ of Roe Opinion LeakThe Supreme Court’s loudest proponent of eliminating the right to an abortion is worried about institutional legitimacy and civility.
  41. life after roe
    The Anti-Abortion Christians Who Became Pro-ChoiceWhy did we change our minds?
  42. life after roe
    Supreme-Court Sources Can’t Stop Leaking About Abortion CaseConservative leakers want us to know that the Alito draft is the only draft. Also, they’re concerned that all this leaking is hurting the Court.
  43. life after roe
    Another Leak Indicates Supreme Court Set to Overturn Roe v. WadeThis time it definitely came from conservatives.
  44. life after roe
    Abortion Funds Are a Lifeline. And a Target.The right’s attacks on grassroots groups have already begun.
  45. life after roe
    Can Republicans Stop Patients From Leaving the State for an Abortion?Some are willing to try.
  46. life after roe
    Abortion Rights Look Doomed. But It’s Not Over Yet.Thirty years ago, Supreme Court justices circulated another draft opinion that would have overturned Roe v. Wade — and then they didn’t.
  47. the national interest
    An End to the Liberal Romance With CourtsThe right to abortion will not be delivered from a marble building.
  48. life after roe
    Leaked Draft Opinion Says Supreme Court Will Overturn Roe v. WadeThe draft majority opinion, if issued, would open the door to absolute abortion bans at any time and for any reason.
  49. religious freedom
    The Supreme Court May Sanction Teacher-Led Prayer in Public SchoolThe justices seem poised to side with a coach who led students in prayer, dealing a serious blow to the First Amendment and religious minorities.
  50. the national interest
    Why Ketanji Brown Jackson Will Be the Last Democratic Justice for a Long TimeThe Court is getting more partisan and much harder to change.
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