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    Congratulations to Ambassadors Pikachu and Hello KittyThe two characters were appointed in Japan earlier this week.
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    Plane Flies 18-Hour Test Route in the Shape of a PlaneThe plane’s trip spanned from Washington to Alabama.
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    What Happens to Stoned Dogs in Vegas Stays in VegasA new bill would legalize medical marijuana for pets.
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    Al Roker Left His Mic on During a Rokerthon Bathroom BreakCool.
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    Bill de Blasio Late to Memorial Service Because His Boat Got Delayed by FogHate when my boat gets lost.
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    Olive Garden Pasta Pass Hero Successfully Eats $1,840 Worth of Free MealsAnything is possible if you put your stomach to it.
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    Ass Gets Stuck in ManholeFirefighters managed to rescue him without injury.
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    Man Uses ‘Pasta Pass’ to Eat Twice a Day at Olive Garden for 6 WeeksDream big, kids.
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    A Chimp Painted This With Its Tongue, Won $10,000It’s kinda nice.