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Susan G. Komen Foundation

  1. susan g. komen foundation
    Komen Foundation President ResignsKomen is “pro-cure,” said Nancy Brinker.
  2. bon mots
    Ex-Komen VP Pulls No Punches in Going After Planned ParenthoodShe calls the organization a “giant bully,” horseman of the apocalypse.
  3. lady business
    Komen’s CEO Nancy Brinker Under FireKaren Handel’s resignation didn’t solve her problem.
  4. lady business
    Karen Handel, Top Komen Executive, Resigns [Updated]After a chorus of calls for her to do so.
  5. lady business
    Komen Takes It Back, Will Keep Funding Planned ParenthoodPsych! Faked us out, huh?
  6. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Personally Giving $250,000 to Planned ParenthoodHe’s not a fan of the Komen decision.
  7. lady business
    People Are Really Mad at the Komen Foundation [Updated]Even people within the Komen foundation.
  8. lady business
    Susan G. Komen Foundation Is Cutting Off Aid to Planned ParenthoodUh-oh.