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Susan Orlean

  1. just asking questions
    Susan Orlean on the History and Surprisingly Bright Future of LibrariesAlong with book-burning, gender, and the L.A. Public Library, all in her new book The Library Book.
  2. the internet
    Q&A: Susan Orlean on @Horse_ebooks and Her Internet ObsessionsAn interview with the writer about her latest article.
  3. the internet
    @Horse_ebooks Is Human After AllAnd friends with Susan Orlean? And BuzzFeed??
  4. intel
    The Ballad of Uptown Gerry, City ChickenTwo writers, Elyssa East and Susan Orlean, tried to save it.
  5. twitterphobia
    A Lot of Old and New Media Types Went Crazy About Twitter This MonthSusan Orlean! George Packer! Nick Bilton! Leon Whatsisname!
  6. the devil wears tweed
    Susan Orlean Denies New Yorker Office Is CreepyNew Yorker writers bicker over Twitter.