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Susana Martinez

  1. Democrats Hope for Big Gubernatorial Gains This NovemberWith the gubernatorial landscape being the mirror image of the Senate’s pro-GOP tilt, Democrats should gain, but state politics can be complicated.
  2. 2018 Could Be a Wave Election for Female Governors, TooIt looks like an unprecedented number of women — and especially Democratic women — could be elected to governorships in 2018.
  3. Trump Courts Martinez by Dissing All HispanicsTrump asked for the Latina governor’s endorsement the same night he argued that any federal judge with “Mexican heritage” couldn’t possibly treat him fairly.
  4. Trump Goes After GOP’s Latina GovernorNew Mexico governor Susana Martinez was supposed to be the future of the Republican Party. Then Donald Trump happened.
  5. jesus christie
    Martinez Backs Christie for President, Dogcatcher, Whatever“Anything he decides to do in life.”
  6. stuck in the mittle
    Republicans Now Find Romney’s ‘47 Percent’ Sentiments OffensiveIf only they’d realized the folly of “insulting voters” a few months ago.
  7. the bushes
    George P. Bush Is Ready to Save the GOPYes, of those Bushes.
  8. equal rites
    New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez Says Gay Ex-Stylist Was Too Chatty AnywayShe so doesn’t care that he refused to see her.
  9. equal rites
    The Gay Hairdresser Revolt Has BegunIn New Mexico, a gay stylist refuses to do the governor’s hair because of her position on gay marriage. 
  10. early and often
    Arizona Sheriff With a Fondness for Racial Profiling: ‘I’m a Poster Boy on This Issue.’Anti-immigrant rhetoric is a vote-getter.