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  1. Prank Caller Sends SWAT Team to Home of Parkland Survivor David HoggConservative media demonized the gun-control activist for months. Now, someone has falsely reported a hostage situation at his house.
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    Deadly Call of Duty Swatting Caller Charged With ManslaughterThe whole incident was reportedly over a $2 bet with another player.
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    Call of Duty Swatting ‘Prank’ Apparently Kills a BystanderThe whole thing was reportedly over a $2 bet.
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    Call of Duty Loser Sparks Long Island Hostage HoaxA gamer reported that his opponent had murdered his family.
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    Wolf Blitzer Is Apparently Famous Enough to Get ‘Swatted’He joins Ryan Seacrest, Chris Brown, and Justin Timberlake as victim.