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  1. capitol riot
    Olympic Gold Medalist Klete Keller Charged in Capitol RiotThe swimmer was identified by his “Team USA” jacket and six-foot-six frame.
  2. rio 2016
    Ryan Lochte and 3 Olympic Teammates Robbed at Gunpoint in RioOne of the robbers put a gun to Lochte’s head, but he and the other swimmers were ultimately unharmed.
  3. Michael Phelps Finishes His Historic Career with One Last GoldAnd Team USA finishes up with a record-setting 33 swimming medals in Rio as well.
  4. rio 2016
    Katie Ledecky Dominates in Final Race, Takes 4th Gold at Rio GamesShe beat her nearest opponent by more than 11 seconds and broke her own world record for the fifth time.
  5. Could Michael Phelps Swim in the 2020 Olympics?He could, but does he want to?
  6. Lochte Would Be the Michael Phelps of Swimming If There Were No Michael PhelpsA sad tale.
  7. Why Michael Phelps and Chad le Clos Hate Each OtherA rivalry that goes back to 2012.
  8. New Jersey Teen Charlotte Samuels Is a Total Badass, Completes Triple CrownShe swam across the English Channel in 9 hours and 54 minutes. 
  9. fran crippen
    National Swim Team’s Fran Crippen Found Dead in the WaterThe 26-year-old was competing in Dubai when he fell unconscious.
  10. paladinosaur
    Carl Paladino Is Always Prepared to Go SwimmingAn interesting habit from the gubernatorial candidate.
  11. manderson
    Anderson Cooper to Shark-Diving Cameraman: ‘Just Remember, If I Get Eaten Just Keep Rolling’“Because the only thing more stupid than being eaten would be being eaten and not having the videotape.”
  12. the sports section
    Phelps Can Still Win With Old, Slow SuitThe swimmer beat his own butterfly record wearing a Speedo LZR Racer.
  13. heroes
    Slideshow: What Happens When Michael Phelps LosesYesterday, the unthinkable happened. Naturally, we documented it in all its shirtless glory.
  14. heroes
    Clearly We Have Found a Niche for OurselvesThe minute some Olympic swimmer has a wardrobe malfunction, we get dozens of e-mails.
  15. heroes
    Skimpy Speedos to Return to International Swimming Competitions?This could be the best news since the return of Hypercolor t-shirts.
  16. crazy town
    Australian Grandmother Is Fitter, Crazier Than YouShe’ll willingly swim in the waters around Manhattan today for an extended period of time.
  17. heroes
    Michael Phelps Learning Golf As Tool to Interact With Real WorldApparently, you can’t have ol’ Mikey trying to have a real life without sports.
  18. photo op
    Michael Phelps Gets Back in the PoolFile this under the Department of Thank God.
  19. potheads
    Unfair: Subway Delays Michael Phelps AdThe sandwich-makers act like they’ve never sold subs to stoners.
  20. neighborhood watch
    The People Who Went in Coney Water Yesterday Are Not Real PeopleThey call themselves Polar Bears, but they are really temperature-free swimbots.
  21. in other news
    Anderson Cooper’s Astounding Arms Attached to Equally Stupendous ShouldersYes, we did watch the entire ‘swimming’ section of Manderson’s Michael Phelps ‘60 Minutes’ segment in slow motion.
  22. the sports section
    Mark Spitz Still Kinda Sour Grapes Over Michael Phelps’s Olympic Gold RecordThe former Olympic swimmer with the most golds claims he could have tied Phelps in competition.
  23. photo op
    Barack Obama Hopes for a Michael Phelps Bump, TooWe tease Obama for his sexy beach shots.
  24. in other news
    Manderson Overboard! The Silver Fox Swims With SharksAnd in hunting down this video, we make a special discovery about the fans of Anderson Cooper.